If you’re a woman, open up your Instagram or YouTube feed and it won’t take long to find a beauty video. Video content marketing is wildly popular right now, and the beauty industry is growing rapidly — generating more than $500 billion in revenue in 2018. New e-commerce tools make it easier than ever to launch a beauty product or brand, and beauty-focused startups are flocking to social media to engage with prospects.

Beauty brands need to create video content to keep up with the competition, and brands need to find ways for their videos to break through the noise and connect with their target audiences. But how? We’ve produced beauty video campaigns for brands large and small, and today we’re sharing the four key elements to creating an impactful beauty video.


1. Choose Your Objective

First and foremost, you need a firm understanding of what you hope to accomplish in your beauty video. There are three main types of beauty videos, and you should choose the type that will best help you achieve your objective:

Beauty Product Videos

Create a video that describes how a specific product can be used and what benefits it delivers to users. Here is an example of a beauty product video we produced that highlights Herbivore Botanicals’ Phoenix Oil product and its many benefits:


Beauty Brand Story Videos

Create a video that brings to life the story around a brand — why it exists and why it’s unique among the audience’s many choices. Here’s another Herbivore Botanicals video we produced that shares its brand story:


Beauty Instructional Videos

Create a video that demonstrates how to use a product to get the best results. Here is an example of a fun instructional video we produced for Herbivore Botanicals:


Beauty video productions should be tightly focused, so choose a narrow objective and create a video or series of videos designed to achieve it. Also, look for a corporate video production company that has experience with each of the three types of beauty video.


2. Consider the Platform

Your audience members consume video differently depending on the platform they are using. For example, if they are searching YouTube for an instructional video, they are likely to invest more time in watching it — meaning a beauty video production can be a bit longer when used on YouTube.

But, if your audience members simply encounter a brand story video on Instagram or another social media platform, they are likely to invest only a few seconds in watching it — meaning a beauty video production should be shorter when used on Instagram.

Our team at Ezra Productions helps brands create video production strategies that consider various platforms. Our directors and cinematographers have helped brands create longer beauty videos that are more educational/instructional in nature, like this Beauty Talk episode that Barbara Anastacio directed for Chanel:


In today’s market, where video is shared on different platforms, find a commercial video production company that knows these various platforms and how to properly use them to share a beauty video.


3. Create a High-End Aesthetic

This is perhaps the most important part of creating an impactful beauty video. You need to create a high-end aesthetic. Beauty videos should be aspirational, no matter the product you’re selling. The on-screen talent, the graphics, the music, the resolution of the video — everything should drive toward that high-end aesthetic.

A high-end aesthetic doesn’t mean the production just looks beautiful. A high-end aesthetic also means a production is a proper representation and extension of the brand.

Glossier does a great job of translating its brand aesthetic and voice into its video productions. It was one of the first brands to embrace an informal style. The Glossier Boy Brow video, for example, feels informal and features an influencer — while achieving high-end production value:


The authenticity of this ad helped the video spread like wildfire. It’s a great example of a brand being creative and experimenting. The video features an influencer who truly loves the product, which helps the video stand out on social media and across other channels. We used a similar approach when creating this video for Lalicious:



4. Work With the Right Team

The only way to get the right experience for a high-end beauty video is to work with the right production team. At Ezra Productions, we offer a wealth of experience with each of the beauty video approaches listed above.

We work with talented directors, cinematographers, editors and others who understand how to create impactful videos that deliver real results. Our experienced professionals work with brands like Chanel, Shiseido, and Sephora. Some even work on movies, television shows, and TV commercials when they aren’t executing social video production projects for brands.

Interested in learning more about our production team? Here’s a post that shares one of our beauty cinematographer’s thoughts on how to create an outstanding beauty video.


Choose Ezra Productions for Your Next Beauty Video

At Ezra Productions, we bring to each project expertise on both video production and engaging audiences. We know how to create the high-end aesthetic that beauty video productions need. We work with the best production team members, and we pay close attention to detail so that every second of your beauty video connects with its target audience.

We’re also a leader among women-owned video production companies, which allows us to bring a unique perspective and approach to this type of work.

If you’re looking for beauty video production companies in Los Angeles or other markets, we can help. Contact us to start a conversation about your beauty video production needs.