Film and Video Production for Families

Video Timecapsules of Life's Most Precious Moments

Re-live them anytime, anywhere, for generations to come.

Whether you want candid footage of your loved ones or a legacy film to

pass on to future generations, your family’s story deserves to be heard.

Your parents will thank you now. Your kids will thank you later.

Our Philosophy

It is often in retrospect that we recognize life’s most important moments. Much of what seems commonplace in the present moment comes to represent the essence of a person, a time and a place. To capture the child singing the familiar song, wearing the favorite sweater…these are the things that will be cherished for years to come. Video has the unique ability to preserve the gestures, the voices and the stories that are an essential part of every family’s legacy.

Allow us to record and preserve the memories that will resonate into the future as children grow into adults, elders pass away and oral histories fade.

Our Approach

We work with families from all over the world with different needs. Each project is personalized to each family, but our approach is consistent:


Discuss your goals

Film your family

Edit and deliver your family film

Service Offerings

At Ezra Productions, we create tailored films for individual families that capture the very essence of the people and places that we film. As an award-winning video production company with offices in Los Angeles and New York, we are dedicated to telling your story cinematically in its most authentic, candid form. Our astute observation of human behavior allows us to capture your family’s smallest, most poignant moments. Combined with our technical ability, we are able to weave those moments together into beautiful videos that touch, move, and inspire.

Learn more about the different services we offer to families by reading the descriptions below.

Yearly Family Film Production

Today’s technology allows anyone to document nearly every detail of their existence, yet the sheer volume of data is often overwhelming. Most parents don’t have the time to organize, let alone enjoy the videos that build up year after year.

Ezra Productions works with families to build a living history as it unfolds. We capture and collect the stories year after year acting as the personal, discrete archivists of your lives.

Day-in-the-Life Film Production

Gone are the days of telling your children, “Remember when you used to say…” “Remember when you were obsessed with…” “Remember when you couldn’t wait for…” “Remember when you learned that…” Now you can show them with a Day-in-the-life Film that captures each year of your family’s development. After your initial consultation, we spend four or more hours filming and interviewing your family in your home or in one of your favorite locations. We edit the footage (and even special photos, maps, newspaper articles, etc.) into an authentic, candid, and beautiful cinematic short film. The film acts as a time capsule filled with the essence of each family member.

“I recently had a baby so having someone there to take video on those first few days while I was bonding with my third child was priceless. Ezra Productions did an outstanding job, thinking of every detail like including footage of my two older children getting to know their new baby brother. The music that accompanied the video was just perfect and really pulled at my heart strings. Kudos to Ezra Productions for going above and beyond! I will definitely be a repeat customer.”

Sarah Fellah

North Carolina Mommy

Family Montage Film Production

Our Family Montage Films are edited compilations of a family’s home video footage. Parents can either select their favorite videos that they have recorded themselves to be edited together into a Family Montage Film, or our expert editors can review all of your footage and edit together a fun, entertaining and moving Family Montage Film.

Ezra Productions can even come to your home to organize and centralize all of your videos in one convenient location. We’ll also set up automatic backups of your most treasured memories. Knowing that your important moments and memories are safe and easily accessible affords you more time to focus on those you love and the activities you care about the most. If your videos are already organized, you can skip that step!

“I can’t say enough good things about the Family Montage Film. After one easy upload, I got back a beautifully edited glimpse at a year in the life of my son. We’ll treasure it for years to come, and it’s already providing daily entertainment for my toddler, who LOVES to watch and giggle at moments in his own adorable life. A true keepsake!”

Deb Sobelman

New York Mommy

Premium Family Montage Film Production

Step up to a Premium Family Montage Film and we’ll add beautiful graphics and music. Check out the example to your right.

“I am beyond thrilled with my first Family Montage Film! My husband literally thinks it’s the best thing ever! Even more fun because the kids can’t get enough of it. They watch the movie in the car over and over and my six-year-old daughter laughs hysterically. Thank you a million times!”

Kara Silverman

Beverly Hills Mommy

Family Legacy Film Production

When we get older, our lives become much more about reflecting on our past and finding meaning and the purpose of our existence. As a person nears the end of a lifetime, honor them by memorializing their stories and contributions to the world with a legacy film. Ezra Productions comes to people’s homes, clubs, hospital rooms and much more to interview and film them speaking authentically and candidly to ensure that a person’s heart’s treasures and life lessons will be available to their family for generations to come. We can even record Family Legacy Videos remotely via Zoom. 

“All good men and women must take responsibility to create legacies that will take the next generation to a level we could only imagine.”

Jim Rhone

American Entrepreneur

Personal Legacy and Biography Video Production

Our mini-documentaries allow people to leave lasting, personalized legacies, and to give their loved ones the pleasure of having them around forever on video. Through these videos, people are able to pass on family history and life lessons that are not tangible, yet immensely important for future generations to have access to. They are also able to pass along heartfelt values, principles, wisdom and beliefs. In some cases, they’re even able to gain a sense of closure. Their families can access these videos at any time in their lives as a source of comfort and guidance, or if they just miss the person and want to have them around.

We come to people’s houses, clubs, vacation homes, offices, or even hospital rooms to interview them on video about their history and their beliefs in a comfortable setting. We create the space they need to authentically and candidly address future generations.

In 2020, we began offering this videos via Zoom. Click here to learn more about our remote Family Legacy Videos

Wedding Videography and Wedding Film Production

Allow us to capture the most important, touching moments of your wedding day that you and your family will cherish for generations. Enjoy the special moments in real time and relax while our expert cinematographers capture the essence of the day and of your family and friends. Whether you’d like us to create a movie-quality film unique to the couple or you just want the footage, we are here to take care of any and all of your video production needs.



Event Videography and Event Video Production

Don’t be the one stuck behind the shaky video camera at your family’s most important events like birthdays, performances, graduations, family reunions, etc. Have fun at your event while our expert cinematographers capture the most important, heart touching moments of the day. Rest assured that our editors will pick only the best moments to include in your video, delivered right to your inbox and ready to share with friends and family.

Start building your digital family archive today!

Allow us to distill and preserve the heart of your family’s story.