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“Jillian Ezra // #sheisbold”

Our CEO, Jillian Ezra, was featured in For, She is You‘s #sheis interview series where she describes herself as BOLD.

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Jillian Ezra at the Long Beach International Film Festival


“HR And Accounting Are No Joke — Hire Experts” Words of Wisdom With Jillian Ezra, CEO of Ezra Productions

Our CEO, Jillian Ezra, shares some words of wisdom and insights she’s learned along the way building Ezra Productions, an award-winning creative agency and video production company.

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LA Times

The Gift of an Unforgettable Experience

“A Visual Keepsake”

Ezra Productions’ family films were featured in the LA Times’ 2017 holiday gift guide that promotes meaningful experiences and human connection.

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Jillian Ezra at the Long Beach International Film Festival


“Jillian Ezra: From Wall Street to West Hollywood”

Our CEO, Jillian Ezra, shares the story of how she left a career in finance to start Ezra Productions, an award-winning creative agency and video production company, and the challenges and successes she’s had along the way.

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Long Beach Indie International Film, Media, and Music Festival

“Woman Owned & Winning in the Industry”

Jillian Ezra, Ezra Productions’ CEO, was invited to give a workshop on how to thrive in and overcome challenges presented by the male-dominated production industry. The workshop highlights real-life experiences and lessons Jillian has learned while growing her business from an idea into an award-winning creative agency with offices in Los Angeles and New York.

Jillian Ezra at the Long Beach International Film Festival
Ezra Productions showcased in LA Confidential

Internation Business Times

“Los Angeles-Based Woman-Owned Production Company Wins Two Awards in 21st Annual Communicator Awards”

The International Business Times highlighted Ezra Productions’ two-time Communicator Awards win in the green/eco-friendly branded content and online promo/branding categories. The Communicator Awards is the leading international awards program recognizing big ideas in marketing and communications. One of Ezra Productions’ winning videos, Rayton Solar Brand Video, enabled the Silicon Beach-based startup to raise over $2,800,000 in seed funding.

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Refinery 29

“30 Reasons To Look Forward To Your 30s In L.A.”

Our CEO, Jillian Ezra, was featured on Refinery 29 answering the question, “How has life in LA changed for the better the further you’ve gotten from your 20s?” Check out her response right here!

Ezra Productions showcased in Refinery 29
Ezra Productions showcased in LA Confidential

LA Confidential Magazine

“How Jillian Ezra is Bringing Home Movies Back”

Ezra Productions was featured in LA Confidential Magazine for reinventing the home movie by creating beautifully crafted videos that capture a family’s everyday moments. The article highlights our founder, Jillian Ezra, who explains the power such videos have in allowing families to relive unique experiences time and time again.

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2015 Telly Awards

“Woman-Owned Production Company Wins in Two Categories in the 36th Annual Telly Awards”

Ezra Productions is proud to announce that we have won two Telly Awards for our branded content videos entitled “Tea Drops Brand Story Film” and “Ezra Productions Brand Identity Film.” We are especially honored that our own brand story film was selected as one of the winning pieces, serving as a confirmation of the effectiveness of our unique take on innovate storytelling. We are also delighted that we are able to aid small businesses, such as Tea Drops, in conveying their brand stories and identities in an emotionally compelling way.

If you would like to learn more, you can read the press release here.

Ezra Productions wins Telly Awards
Ezra Productions at The CMO Club

The CMO Club

“Marketing Effectiveness: The CMO’s Essential Guide to Video Marketing in 2015”

Ezra Productions’ CEO Jillian Ezra published an article on video marketing for The CMO Club’s Digital Solutions Clubhouse, an information hub that arms chief marketing officers with the knowledge required to achieve success in their professions. In the article, senior marketing executives are shown how to use video production and marketing  to make an impact on sales, build brand recognition, and increase brand loyalty.
The CMO Club is the world’s most engaged and inspired community of Senior Marketing Executives who help each other solve their biggest challenges, within a candid, trusted, and sharing environment.


“How Editing Can Help Create Powerful Storytelling”

Ezra Productions was graciously given the opportunity to be featured on Marmoset. The article highlights the origins of our unique company, and features our founder, Jillian Ezra, who explains her artistic sensibilities as well as the care and craftsmanship placed into each individual video we produce.

Ezra Productions write-up in Washington Square News

Washington Square News

“Video Company Chronicles Daily Life”

Ezra Productions was written up by the New York University newspaper for how we uniquely work with families to capture everyday moments on film as a way of sharing family values from one generation to the next.


“7 Simple Principles To Ensure Success On Your Next Shoot”

In March of 2014, Fstopper.com covered a shoot we did in New York during which we “seemed to do everything right.” Although the shoot was planned from Los Angeles and executed on a tight budget, we all had a great time thanks to the rigorous pre-production process and having the buy-in of all of the members involved in pulling off the shoot. Check out the interview with our founder, Jillian Ezra, to find out her full recipe for successful, fun shoot.

Too see the final product, check out celebrity yoga instructor Lisa Langer’s 60-minute DVD/digital class download, which is now available on her website.

Ezra Productions was mentioned in FStoppers online magazine.
Ezra Productions was mentioned in Brentwood News community newspaper.

Brentwood Community News

“Family Videos – A Gift of a Lifetime – and a Fun Summer Project”

We were delighted to have our family video production services written about in the Brentwood Community News in July of 2013!

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