Lalicious Brand, Instagram, and Training Video Production + Photography

Client Request

Lalicious approached Ezra Productions to create a series of videos that they could use on their website, across their social media channels, in stores, in waiting rooms at spas, and as training videos for estheticians who use their products during spa treatments.

The first video they needed was a professional brand story video that visually identifies Lalicious as a premium brand and showcases their brand values. The second part of the project was a series of videos highlighting their key beauty products. They wanted the videos to look cinematic, organic, and high-end.

The third part of the project was treatment tutorial videos. Lalicious products are used in spas all over the US, and Lalicious was spending a lot of time sending its Head of Education to train users individually. Lalicious wanted training videos that would streamline their training of massage therapists, nail technicians, and estheticians who use Lalicious products in their services. The videos needed to feature their Head of Education performing services using Lalicious products and protocols.

Finally, Lalicious required photography of their key products to use on their website, social media channels, and on partner sites.


1 x Brand Video

8 x Product Videos

5 x Treatment Tutorial Videos

Still photography

Company Description

Lalicious is a luxury skincare company based in the South Bay in California. Known for their meticulously crafted sugar scrubs, Lalicious’s product portfolio now includes body butters, body lotions, bath oil, and lip balm, all available in a variety of intoxicating fragrances. Lalicious’s mission is to give its customers temptingly beautiful skin from head to toe.

Our Role

  • Creative concepting
  • Script writing
  • Art direction
  • Location scouting
  • Video production: producing, directing, video editing
  • Motion graphics
  • Color grading
  • Music composition

Product Videos

“The Oil”

Golden Oil

Body Butter

Sugar Scrub

Velour Body Melt

Hand Cream

Shower Oil Bubble Bath

Training Video

Our Approach

We acted as thought partners to figure out how to best approach Lalicious’ target audience in a way that would evoke an emotional response. Our overall goal for Lalicious was to introduce the brand in a cinematic, genuine, and inspiring way. The videos we produced showcased Lalicious’ philosophy, products, unique benefits, and key ingredients in a clean, chic, on-brand, engaging, beautiful, informative, memorable, and shareworthy manner.

For the brand video, we wanted to introduce the philosophy and history behind Lalicious and its top-selling products in an aspirational yet attainable way. Lalicious’ origin story was the backbone of the brand introduction video. We started by featuring the husband-and-wife team behind Lalicious on the beach with their children, and showed them in their home kitchen making the sugar scrubs with their children. We then moved on to show the growth of the brand and the product integrity by using broll of the production facility. We made sure to include the founder inspecting the hand-made products to show the love that goes into making each product and her level of attention to detail. We showed them in their corporate office testing out new fragrances, and finally we incorporated footage from product videos of influencers using key products. We ended the brand video with shots of the family at sunset on the beach.

For the product videos, we filmed diverse influencers using Lalicious’ most popular products in a beautiful modern mansion in the Hollywood Hills. The videos were cinematic and the characters were aspirational but relatable. We showed the key benefits of each of the products in the videos.

The tone for both the brand video and the product videos was more inspirational and intimate than rather than salesly. We really wanted to feature the product’s history and show how it is used to draw viewers in, peak their interests, and drive them to purchase the products and believe in the brand.

While shooting the videos, we created several opportunities for product shots and lifestyle shots of the products in different environments both with and without models. Those images were used on Lalicious’ website and social media channels, as well as on partner sites.

The treatment tutorial videos were shot in a bright open room using two cameras. The script was developed by the brand beforehand, and we shot their Head of Education demonstrating the products and techniques on a model in a lovely, organic way.

On-Set Product Photography