As a mission-driven company whose goal is to increase diversity and inclusion in the film and video production industries, Ezra Productions is naturally attracted to companies that are also social-impact focused. That’s just one reason why we work with cutting-edge beauty companies like Voesh® New York, who brought us on to produce promotional video commercials in Los Angeles that highlight their products, build brand loyalty, and promote their values, too.

Voesh is a beauty and spa company that uses strictly vegan, cruelty-free, and good-for-you ingredients as well as minimal packaging to reduce environmental impact. Voesh’s philosophy is that self-care should be a simple, luxurious experience for people of all ages, races, genders, and backgrounds — whether at the spa or at home. 

When Voesh decided to expand from their B2B model — servicing professionals in spas and salons — to a B2C wellness company, they contacted woman-owned video production company, Ezra Productions. We were tasked with creating a series of promotional beauty videos that introduced their new scented shower line.  


Beauty Videos Create a Unique Consumer Experience

Voesh learned about Ezra Productions’ expertise in the beauty video production space in Los Angeles from videos we produced for Herbivore Botanicals. Voesh wanted the same fresh, clean tone we’d used for Herbivore Botanicals,  but needed a more energetic, dynamic pace that was tailored for their brand.

Central to Voesh’s unique approach to self-care is the use of scent in their products. Just as fragrance creates a soothing atmosphere in a spa, they imbue their B2C shower line with aromas that have therapeutic benefits. During our consultation with Voesh, we devised a video production campaign that would launch their new shower line overall, as well as highlight each unique, individual scent and experience.

We started by creating a 60-second sizzle video that introduced the two main products in their shower line: 

  • A 100+ use, Vitamin C-infused Shower Filter that removes chlorine  and water impurities while moisturizing hair and skin with vegan probiotics and oatmeal powder
  • Scrub-to-bubble Sugar Scrubs made with pure sugar that gently cleanse and exfoliate skin to strengthen the skin barrier


From there, we created five 15-second scent-specific cutdowns to give their B2C audience a visceral audiovisual experience of each aroma.


Inclusive Casting Expands Market Reach

Through our casting choices, we promoted Voesh’s philosophy that “EveryBODY Deserves Me Time.”  We casted models who are diverse in age, race, and gender to break down stereotypes of the “perfect” body. The diverse, inclusive casting also expands Voesh’s potential market.

As with many effective, brand-centered commercial videos that we’ve produced, the Voesh sizzle video doesn’t just highlight the product, it educates the consumer. The models are shown attaching the shower filters to demonstrate how easy they are to install at home. Literally, AnyBODY can now have an aromatherapy spa in their home shower.


Translating Scents Into Visuals

In addition to the introductory promotional sizzle reel, we created five 15-second videos. Each video highlighted a different aroma:

Production design mimicked the aesthetic of a spa by using clean, neutral whites and earth tones in the shower room, and by featuring self-care tools such as loofahs and plush towels. To bring each unique scent to life on screen in the skincare video production, we featured pops of color that were based on the scent’s packaging: vibrant yellows, greens, and oranges as well as soothing pastels and blues.   

Other aesthetic choices highlighted the unique emotional value of each scent, such as excitement, refreshment, and relaxation. The lighting, for example, shifted subtly depending on the emotional experience the video was designed to evoke in the viewer. The expressions and gestures of the models also created the specific mood that Voesh wanted.

To make the videos fun and exciting, we used speed ramping, fast cuts, and an upbeat musical soundtrack. The music helped tie the videos together, too. 

To learn more about this beauty video production project, click here.


We Reflect Our Client’s Values, Inside and Out

Creating videos that reflected Voesh’s mission and philosophy was just one step of our process. We also honored Voesh’s values during the film shoot itself. The crew was diverse, which reflects Voesh’s goal to serve everBODY. We also made a point to only serve vegan yet protein-rich food on set that nourished our crew and and limited our carbon footprint.

Voesh was thrilled with the refreshing, informative, creative videos and posted them across their social media platforms. 

When it comes to creating memorable, moving, beauty and wellness video productions, Ezra Productions takes clients from start to finish. Starting brainstorming sessions with our clients’ creative teams, we devise strategies that promote their brands while creating enjoyable, memorable experiences for their viewers.

We take care of the entire beauty video production process, from conception to final edit to social media strategy, all from our offices in Los Angeles and New York. We create content that matches our clients’ brand’s philosophies, reach their goals, and honor their budgets and timelines.

To create invigorating, inspiring beauty and wellness video productions that emphasize inclusion and diversity, reach out to our team today.