VOESH NY Promotional Beauty Brand Video Production

Video Production Project Description

VOESH approached Ezra Productions to produce promotional videos to introduce their new line of shower beauty products to the market.  In addition to a main promotional sizzle video, which featured  shower filters and bubble scrubs, we created shorter videos to highlight each scent in the collection. This new shower line marked VOESH’s transition from more of a B2B brand, selling manicure and pedicure productions to professionals, to a B2C wellness company and head-to-toe beauty brand that focuses on self-care.

Our Concept and Approach

VOESH was inspired by the product videos we produced for Herbivore Botanicals and wanted something similar but more energetic and tailored for their brand. After discussing VOESH’s goals and what was important for them to portray in the videos, we crafted a video production campaign to help them launch their new line of products. 

VOESH believes that fragrance is an important part of the spa experience, so we knew from the beginning that we wanted the scents to play a key role in bringing the videos to life. The videos highlight the range of scents in which the products are available, such as Citrus Crush and Rainforest Mist, by showing the models being transported to relaxing environments, from citrus fields to misty rainforests, while using them. We cast both men and women of various backgrounds and ages to show that the product can be used by everyone and to break down stereotypes of the “perfect” body.

Each scent’s video had a different color palette based on the coloring of the particular scent’s packaging. In order to help bring out the color and texture of each scent we used minimal, natural props. Bathroom accessories were mostly white, with pops of color that matched the scent of each product.

It was also important to VOESH that we showcase the range of feelings people can have when using the products. One of the ways we did this was by having the models display varying emotions throughout the video such as excitement, refreshment, and relaxation.

There was also an educational element to the videos. It was important to show how to actually install the shower filter, which we did by having a model do so in a few of the shots. We also used clean and simple motion graphics to quickly convey how to use the products as well as the ingredients and technology behind them.

To give the videos life, we used exciting camera moves, energetic editing, and upbeat music. The lighting was generally bright and airy, yet natural and environmental. We also used the lighting to reflect the different moods of each scent.

The edit was also important in creating a special feeling for each scent. We utilized speed ramping and match cutting to emulate the sensation of each individual scent. Editing helped make the videos fun and exciting, motivated by upbeat music.

Overall, the videos capture the essence of the products while being entertaining and informative. VOESH was thrilled with the outcome and the videos were posted across the brand’s social media.        

Company Description

VOESH NY is a beauty company that creates skincare products using clean, vegan ingredients. VOESH believes that self care should be a simple, luxurious experience, whether at the spa or at home.

Video Production Deliverables

One 60-second promotional sizzle video and five 15-second videos highlighting each scent. The five scent-specific videos were delivered in vertical and square dimensions  for use on social media.

Our Role

  • Creative concept development
  • Storyboarding
  • Location Scouting
  • Producing
  • Casting
  • Directing
  • Production design
  • Product styling
  • Video editing
  • Sound design
  • Music licensing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Color Grading

Social Media Video Production: Square Instagram Cut-Downs

Social Media Video Production: Vertical Instagram Cut-Downs

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