In the ever-evolving world of content marketing, it is becoming increasingly important to offer your target audience interesting and engaging content across multiple channels. Perhaps the most enticing platform is video, which you can use to grab the attention of potential customers and move them through the marketing funnel to an eventual sale.

Video production offers virtually endless opportunities for you to keep people informed and provide them with content they find valuable. Below are eight types of video content that allow you to do just that—along with examples from our Los Angeles video production team.

1) Instructional Videos

People love to learn something new, especially if they can use it in their daily lives. Video allows you to educate your viewers in a quick, efficient and visually engaging way.

Instructional videos are especially helpful for consumers who are looking for information on a subject related to what you do. In this way, you can provide an incredible level of value, building a sense of trust between you and your target audience.

This Birchbox video features a celebrity makeup artist showing viewers how to more easily contour:


2) Animated Videos

Animation is another effective and visually appealing and emotionally stimulating method for getting your messages to your audience. They can serve as quick tutorials for your products and services, giving viewers a nice overview of what you offer and how you provide value to your customers.

For example, check out this animated video for the IEHP Nurse Advice Line:


3) Branded Short Films

With a brand film, you can provide your viewers with key information and insights on what drives your company, especially when it comes to your mission, vision and values. This makes for a more artful method of communication, while giving your brand personality and a sense of purpose.

Check out this Telly-award winning piece our Los Angeles video production company made for Tea Drops:


4) Customer Testimonial Videos

Few things can show potential customers the value of your products and services than your current customers sharing their own experiences. You likely have certain customers with whom you’ve developed a positive relationship, and you should not hesitate to ask if they would be willing to record a video testifying to their satisfaction with your brand.

Below is a good example of a customer testimonial video we created for a medical office. It has proven to be quite effective for the client.


5) Public Service Announcements

Rather than focusing on its own products or services, your brand can contribute to the greater good and build trust among your target audience through a public service announcement (PSA). It might not be appropriate for all brands, but some are particularly well suited for this approach.

For example, here’s an animated PSA our Los Angeles video production team created for the L.A. County Perinatal Mental Health Task Force:


6) Mini-documentary Videos

Usually a bit longer than the rest of the videos on this list, docu-narratives give you an opportunity to share your brand story in-depth with your target audience.

Check out the video from Intel below for an example of this approach:


7) ‘Thank You’ Videos

Best left for a later stage in the marketing funnel, these videos allow you to thank your customers for their business. Often, the best time to release and share these videos is around a holiday, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas or the Fourth of July. Or, you may use them as part of a drip marketing campaign as you follow up with clients you haven’t heard from in a while.

8) Product Review Videos

With a product review video, you can quickly show viewers just how your product works and the value it can deliver in a practical setting. This can make for a powerful way to demonstrate your product in action—more so than a written product description ever could.


At Ezra Productions, our Los Angeles video production team can help you create videos that work well at every stage of the marketing funnel. Consider the examples above as you think about your needs, and let us know when you’re ready to put a video marketing strategy together!