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Animated video production has the ability to bring your story to life and open up a world of possibility to viewers. No matter how simple or complicated the concept, animated video allows you to visualize your company’s message with a dynamism that engages your target audience at any time, any place, and anywhere. We offer many types of animated videos, including:

  • Introduction Videos

  • Explainer videos

  • How-to Videos

  • Training Videos

  • Product Videos

  • Corporate Presentation Videos

  • 2D Animation (most popular)

  • 3D Animation

  • Whiteboard Animation

  • Blackboard Animation

  • Hand-drawn Animation

  • Line Animation

  • Watercolor Animation

  • Motion Graphics

  • Stop-motion Animation

  • Traditional Hand-drawn Animation



New York Creative Agency & Video Production


Whatever the topic, animation can be used to engage your target audience without the typical limitations of live-action video. Animation gives you the ability to convey everything from the driest of topics to the most flamboyant of concepts in a creative and compelling manner.

Animation can be particularly helpful when dealing with dry or hard-to-explain businesses or processes. Using animation and great writing, these concepts can be easily broken down and brought to life, even injected with humor. Need to tell everyone about your cloud-based storage services or the latest end-of-year stats? Unlike live action video, animation allows you to express these concepts clearly and concisely.

Animated videos allow you to bring the impossible to life, which can be very entertaining. Need some flying pigs, wild unicorns, or tiny fairies and elves? Anything you can imagine can be realized through animation.


Unlike live action videos, animation allows you to use characters instead of humans and voiceovers in different languages to engage your target audience regardless of age, gender, nationality, or location. Using the right form of animation will help set the tone and texture from the very beginning of the design process and really make your message pop.

Ezra Productions has the experience and talent to bring your story to life in a compelling and professional way with animation. From initial concept to delivery, our focus is on creating videos that will get our clients their desired results, not just a great-looking video.

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