Brands often look for commercial production companies in Los Angeles for obvious reasons. LA offers access to talent, beautiful weather, and experienced production companies. But how can a brand be sure it’s getting the best production company possible for a specific project?

It’s important to know that not all production companies are created equal. If they were, a decision could be made based on price alone — but the cheapest option definitely isn’t best when you’re looking for production companies in LA.

At Ezra Productions, we are the leader among production companies in Los Angeles because we deliver value and outstanding results to our clients. Continue reading to learn more about what we can offer as your video production company in Southern California.

5 Qualities to Seek Out in Production Companies in Los Angeles

When you’re considering various production companies in Los Angeles, what specific characteristics, experience and abilities should you focus on? Trust your instinct but carefully evaluate the following five things before choosing a commercial video production company in LA:

1. Relationships With Talent

A video production is only as good as the people involved in the project. When you’re searching for production companies in Los Angeles, ask about the writers, directors, cinematographers, and editors that each company works with.

At Ezra Productions, we handpick the most talented production team members in the area (like director Ellen Houlihan, for example). When our directors, cinematographers, and editors aren’t working on our projects, they are working on large-budget television commercials and movies. They bring to our productions experience, knowledge, movie-quality equipment, and skills that hard to find at most production companies, especially those that use the same team for every project.

2. High-Quality Video Production Work

We are proud to have developed a portfolio that includes many different types of video productions. But we’re most proud of our ability to listen to a client’s goals, generate ideas, and ultimately deliver a final product that meets the highest quality standards.

When searching among production companies in Los Angeles, focus on the options that do the best work — no matter the type of production and no matter the industry in which the client operates. If you can find a corporate video production company that does great work in multiple genres and industries, project after project and time after time, you can rest assured your production will be in good hands, too.

3. An Understanding of New Media

Brands in all industries are pivoting to video — and with good reason. We’ve written previously about how video consumption has been increasing exponentially year after year, about how Facebook users generate 8 billion video views each day, and about how video will make up 80% of all consumer Internet traffic by the end of 2019.

We’re living and working in a new media environment, and it’s important that you find a brand video production company that understands this new environment. At Ezra Production, we create videos that align with our clients’ goals to maximize impact and ensuring that every second of a video connects with the target audience.

4. Commitment to the Client’s Objectives

Some production companies in Los Angeles start each engagement by telling the client how the project should go. At Ezra Productions, we start by listening. We want to gain an in-depth understanding of each client’s goals and objectives so that we can create a video or video campaign that meets (and even exceeds) expectations.

We can provide ideas and inspiration for clients who need them. But our main purpose remains the client’s broader goals and objectives and delivering a final product that meets the highest quality standards.

5. Attention to Detail

As noted above, the cheapest option is rarely the best option when searching for production companies in Los Angeles. If you find a company whose price is far lower than others, it’s likely they are focused on volume — doing as much business as possible while neglecting quality.

At Ezra Productions, we take a different approach. We bring value to the production by paying the utmost attention to detail at every step, ensuring that our clients get the high-quality, impactful video they need at a reasonable price.

Why is Ezra Production the Right Choice?

When you choose Ezra Productions, you get talented production team members, a final product that meets high-quality standards, an understanding of the new media environment, a commitment to your goals and objectives, as well as attention to detail.

As one of the few women-owned video production companies in Los Angeles, we also bring a unique perspective to our work that’s difficult to find elsewhere. Whether you have a firm vision for an upcoming video project or just a loose concept, we can ensure that you get value for your investment and that the video production will help your brand connect with its target audience.

Contact us to learn about our services as a video production agency in Los Angeles.