It is common for large companies to invest their resources in promoting the interests and ideologies of their target markets in an effort to increase brand loyalty and sales. We were surprised to learn that of the leading health food companies, Organic Valley was the only one truly promoting the organic and non-GMO movements, especially through video.

In other industries, championing causes that are important to its consumers is commonplace. In the beauty industry, for example, companies like Pantene and Dove spend great deals of money shining a light on the unrealistic expectations of femininity as well as encouraging women to embrace their power.

Dove Real Beauty Sketches

However, in the health food sector, the practice of spending money on promoting a target audience’s real interests and values has not yet fully caught on. This is surprising, given that the organic movement has become a multi-billion dollar industry and is clearly on the minds of health food consumers. The exception is Organic Valley, a health food company that actively champions the organic and non-GMO movements.

While Organic Valley utilizes branded content videos to showcase its values of family, human connection, and environmental mindfulness (which happen to also be the values of their core customers), leading health food companies such as Health Valley and Arrowhead Mills have yet to create such video content.

What we love about Organic Valley’s branded content videos is that they’re not just trying to portray themselves as a brand that JUST produces dairy products. Instead, they’re presenting themselves as part of a lifestyle that promotes the organic movement, cooperation and doing what’s right for ourselves and the environment. Their videos tell the company’s authentic story, directly communicating what sets them apart and how they stay true to their core values. Additionally, the company’s strong YouTube presence reels many consumers in, opening the company up to a much wider audience.

Organic Valley: Who We Are


In Organic Valley’s videos, viewers are able to see firsthand where their products come from and how they are produced. For instance, through the “Meet the Farmer” series on their YouTube channel, Organic Valley shows the farms and the farmers that produce their products. Viewers are not just able to put a face to the products, but they also see how the farmers exercise mindfulness towards the wellbeing of their cows and the environment—characteristics many dairy companies lack.

Soul of Farming – Learning the Ropes

Additionally, from a technical standpoint, Organic Valley has clearly invested in having high-quality visuals, professional sound, and experienced directors that can help non-actors speak naturally so they don’t sound rehearsed. The farmers are realistic and relatable, and they speak to the viewer like an equal, like someone with power to make change. The graphics are also really well done, engaging the viewer and making the videos fun to watch. After watching a video, viewers are left wanting to learn more rather than move on.

If that weren’t enough already, Organic Valley has also mastered the art of using comedy to entertain viewers while also selling their products—a fine balance that many brands cannot achieve. Check out their “Save the Bros” video, which pokes fun at protein pounding meatheads while advocating for their health:

Save the Bros

All in all, branded content videos allow companies like Organic Valley to reach and appeal to consumers in a way that no other medium can. Customers develop an emotional connection to the brand while watching it fulfill its core values and learning about its products and its history. This active and engaging relationship between consumer and producer is extremely valuable.

We hope that more health food companies join Organic Valley in using authentic storytelling, humor and video production to champion the organic and non-GMO movements!