Eric is one of our favorite beauty directors/cinematographers/DPs here in Los Angeles. We Just finished a project with him in which he shot instructional beauty videos for the launch of a luxury skincare line, and he absolutely rocked it! We love working with Eric because of the beautiful imagery he creates with his specialized his camera skills and vast knowledge of lighting. Beauty video production is Eric’s specialty, and he has worked with top celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Irina Shayk, and beauty clients such as Neutrogena, Benefit Brows, and Bebe, and brands including eBay, KitchenAid, iHeart Radio and Frederick’s of Hollywood.

Take a look at some of his beauty video production work below!

Starting Out as a DP in Los Angeles

For Eric, it all began in his South Jersey high school AV room. Eric originally started as a sports broadcaster, but soon taught himself to film and edit while learning about the entire video production process in the AV department. As a student at Ithaca College, Eric explored communications and honed his skills both in front of and behind the camera directing live TV shows and making music videos. After graduation, Eric moved to Los Angeles and got involved in many arms of the film industry, but by 25, realized that his main passion was becoming a director of photography.

Why Cinematography?

To Eric, cinematography is a form of meditation. Eric believes that true happiness is found while truly living in the moment, and as a cinematographer, he’s able to create the space for and capture one beautiful moment after another.

Eric constantly has his eyes open to things that jump out to him visually and may serve as a reference in the future. Whether he just finds them interesting or maybe a challenge to create, he stores the image and finds ways to re-create them and incorporate them into his work.

As a visual person, Eric is obsessed with creating the most beautiful shot. He’s takes his time to compose beautiful shots while shooting various formats, including beauty videos, music videos, fashion videos, commercials, product videos, testimonial videos, lifestyle videos, and much more. Eric shies away from DPing features or TV; instead, he focuses on creating short-form, high-quality beautiful videos and imagery.

Working with Celebrities (Like Kendall Jenner!)

Eric explains that working with celebrities is usually short and sweet. Celebrities have very busy schedules, so they typically only have a few hours on set. Thus, Eric and his crew do a lot of preparation like pre-lighting before the celebrity arrives so everything is all ready to go when they get there. Shooting Kendall Jenner for those few hours left him with the impression that “She is clearly a pro.” He said she was very sweet, “Kendall immediately digested and executed our direction and was always down to try everything we asked of her. I had a blast that day… enjoying the moments!”