As technology continues to improve and information has become readily available in the palm of your hand, people’s habits have changed and they expect information to be immediately and easily accessible. Accessibility is the name of the game, and streaming content is a huge piece of this. Since we’ve been able to stream TV on multiple devices, online video content has become more accessible, readily available, and prevalent – but the landscape for streaming live events unaffiliated with a television network is just beginning. Companies like Facebook and Twitter have created streaming applications that allow anyone with a mobile device the ability to live stream life going on around them. As live streaming technology improves, user habits demand accessible video content, and streaming capabilities become faster and more reliable, the practice of live streaming events will continue to expand into the entertainment space while crossing over into the corporate world. The corporate world requires a different model in order to create high-quality streams, while protecting their companies and identifying an audience – creating a new stream of revenue.

Live streams can benefit large corporations, making videos easily tailorable to fit both company and event needs. Though live streaming services like Periscope and Facebook Live can be quick, for some corporations it lacks the professionalism that most corporate events require. Reputable video production companies that offer live streaming, like Ezra Productions, guarantee security, professionalism, and convenience for both companies and audience members. Facebook Live and Periscope cannot maintain this level of quality while also catering specifically to the events’ needs. Lives streaming video production companies have the ability to set up quality lighting, maintain good sound, and edit the feed in real time in order to include visuals and split screens. Live streaming companies also let conference organizers connect with remote attendees, allowing viewers to experience the conference’s keynote speakers, interactive workshops, or live panel discussions. This broadens the reach of the conference by allowing engagement with a worldwide audience. Viewers can now tune in from their desktop, tablet, mobile device, as well as televisions connected to the internet, for any event that is live streamed.

Additionally, for private events or events that require someone to pay to gain access to, Ezra Productions can create a require password access for users to tune in, limiting the audience and creating exclusivity while still reaching your key viewers. This convenient practice of privatized live streaming is perfect for private corporate functions, like quarterly or year-end reports.

Some keys to keep in mind when having a corporate live stream, whether broadcasted for public viewing or creating a private stream, is quality and production value. Using multiple high-quality cameras and live editing creates a better image for your broadcast. Avoiding cell phone cameras, tablet cameras, and web cameras help ensure that the video is representing your brand well. Controlling the environment of your live stream, while ensuring production value and quality of the stream will help the corporation and viewer to have an optimal experience.

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