Lately we’ve been being approached by more and more startups that have been asking us to produce company videos for them to send out to investors. The reason why is clear: investors are bored of reading executive summaries and looking at PowerPoint presentations all day. What they want is to really get to know the founder of the company and their values.

Having an investor video allows investors to do just that—to get to know the founder (who, with our direction, speaks authentically, candidly and succinctly) and the story and value of the company in one short, emotionally compelling video. Sometimes investors hear about startups from their friends, but those friends can rarely articulate pitches as effectively as a well-rehearsed founder can do in a 1.5-minute video. Instead of allowing the company’s story and value proposition to be watered down or even downright changed through a game of telephone, having an investor video makes it easy for people to refer startups to other potential investors in the exact way it was meant to be pitched.

Rayton Solar’s Investor Video

One of our favorite videos to create was our Communicator Award winning Brand Story Film for Rayton Solar, a solar energy startup located in Silicon Beach (a.k.a. Santa Monica, CA). Typically, founders of companies know everything about their businesses but they have a very hard time articulating their story and their company’s value proposition, especially in a concise way. When we started working with Rayton Solar’s CEO, his story was too long and filled with too many unnecessary facts to grab and hold an investor’s attention. We worked closely with him to refine his story and to create an investor video that he could send straight to investors instead of sending a boring pitch book or executive summary. They hoped to use the video to raise $500,000, but the video ended up helping them raise $1,000,000!


Nothing sells better than a story.

As a startup, if you want to attract success, you need to have a story, be it that you are an all-American company trying to carve out your slice of the American dream or you want to revolutionize the world through your new app. Telling your story will be a vital part of your success. From Apple to Firefox, from Nike to Levi, all successful companies use storytelling as a way of attracting and retaining clients.

Startup founders face the challenge of balancing their time between finding and pitching to investors and running their startups. Having an investor video allows them to perfectly pitch their companies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

Video is king of the storytelling world.

If you want investors, buyers, and customers, you need to brand and sell your story and there is no better way than through video production! It should come as no surprise that video production is rapidly taking over marketing budgets. Video allows people to see, hear, and feel your product or service while doing no work at all. Video is the difference between your startup being just another idea in a sea of ideas and your startup causing an investor to pick up the phone or make an investment.

Startups need all kinds of videos, not just investor pitch videos.

We offer a variety of videos in addition to our signature Brand Story Films. Some of the other videos we offer are:

  • Video advertisements
  • Sales videos
  • Explainer videos
  • How-to videos
  • Vine videos
  • Instagram videos
  • Facebook videos
  • TV commercials
  • and much more!

When you’re ready to start producing videos for your startup, we’re here to help. Contact us at or send us a message through our website.