You understand the importance of using great photos in your eCommerce store and you know that the popularity of video is exploding, but how can YOU actually use video to increase conversions and brand value?

Ok backup—why video for eCommerce now?

Simple. Video is hailed as the most effective way to increase conversions by providing potential customers with information they desire about your products and your company. Lucky for you, video is still underutilized by your competitors. So right now, you early adopters have the opportunity to take the upper hand by using video in your online stores. That means a higher return on your investment now than you’ll get if you wait to invest in video later.

According to Marketing Sherpa, after watching a video, your website visitors are 64% likelier to purchase your products.

Google loves video. And you love Google.

Having product videos increases your probability of ranking higher in search results especially when your competition lacks video. Google also loves sites that include video on them, so make sure to include your YouTube videos on your website.

Video is Intriguing

In addition to being more clickable and easier to share, studies show that videos capture a growing amount of people’s time and attention than photos and text because let’s face it—who’s reading anymore? Welcome to the YouTube Generation. Give the people what they want.


Here are a few different types of videos to get you started.

megaphone for product explainer video production in los angeles
Product Explainer Videos

The simplest, most obvious video every product should have. It explains the key features of your product, and why it’s the best product to satiate the viewer’s needs.


Product tutorial videos help increase ecommerce conversion ratesTutorials/Instructional Videos

Teach people how to use your product so they can imagine themselves using it (making them more likely to buy) and so that they can use it correctly, which will lower your return rate and increase your customer’s satisfaction rate. This is also a great place to point out technical specifications that make your product superior.


Testimonial videos are a great way to increase salesTestimonial Videos

People buy things recommended by people they deem trustworthy or with whom they can identify. This is one of the most common and often misused video around. It’s extremely important to keep the video authentic, or else it will detract from your viewer’s experience.


Videos help viewers select products and convertProduct Selection Videos

Don’t let your customer choose the wrong product for them. Help them out by showing them how to pick the product that’s going to best serve their needs. This will increase conversion rates as well as prevent returns


Here is an example of one of our personal favorites: The Brand Video

A brand video allows you to communicate the story of your brand in a captivating way that if done correctly, forms an emotional bond with viewers. You can even touch on the products you offer as they relate to your story.


In conclusion, strike while the iron is hot and start incorporating video production into your marketing and sales strategies while your competitors are still lagging.