Year after year, video production keeps climbing in popularity amongst marketers, advertisers, and sales teams, and not just in Los Angeles or New York. Across the globe, video streaming has increased particularly during the pandemic when consumer audiences have been more captive and desperate for entertainment. This upward trend will continue to grow in 2021, especially as more “Zillennials”  look for ways to spend their zillions.

When surveyed, 70% of businesses said they were creating more videos than they had the year before. In fact, professionally produced videos are so effective at reaching customers that 87% of businesses now use them as a marketing tool, and 91% of video marketers consider video to be an important part of their marketing strategy. In this post, we break down just a few of the reasons why brands are clamoring for video.


Branded videos trigger sales

Branded videos can be so much fun and so memorable that viewers claim they retain 95% of a message that’s conveyed via video. But does all that memorability translate into actual sales and dollars? Consumers themselves claim, “Yes.”

In fact, today’s consumers say that videos are now the #1 way they discover new brands from which they make purchases. This is why brands that have traditionally focused primarily on print or radio are starting to funnel those dollars toward a video production company in Los Angeles that can create the engaging and unforgettable videos that consumers use to discover new products.

According to Facebook, 30% of mobile shoppers in the United States say that videos are the best way to capture their attention and help them discover new products. Millennials were 1.35 times more likely than Baby Boomers to agree with that perspective.Those figures are dwarfed by the number of people who claim that a brand’s video has helped them buy a piece of software or an app: Wyzowl puts that percentage at 79%.

Do consumer perceptions of their own behavior match up with the actual sales? In fact, 93% of brands gained new customers because of a video they saw on social media.


Branded videos teach customers about products

One of the most useful and attractive aspects of videos — to both brands and their customers — is that branded videos can teach the target customer how to use the products, take care of the products, and optimize their experience with the products. Explainer videos and DIY videos are among the most popular type of consumer-education videos for one good reason: They work.

A full 96% of consumers say they’ve watched an explainer video or DIY video to learn more about a brand’s products or services. The brands themselves agree: 94% of video marketers have noted that their explainer videos have helped increase consumers’ understanding of their products or services.

In addition to creating a more educated consumer, marketers are using video to create more connected consumers. The product lives in their lives and the branded videos live on their phones, where they can consult them whenever necessary.


Brands that don’t broadcast fall behind

In our last blog, we encouraged brands to become broadcasters by creating branded video content with Los Angeles video production agencies that keep customers coming back for more. Real data backs up that push toward expanding your branded video library.

Even though businesses already publish 18 videos per month on average, 54% of consumers want marketers to publish even more video content.  68% of consumers cleary state that their preferred way to learn more about a new product or service is by watching a short video about it.


Branded videos keep on working

Although consumers can share print ads on social media, branded videos are by their nature highly shareable. Young consumers, especially, frequently share videos with each other and engage with them by liking and commenting. More than 90% of mobile users say that they regularly share videos with friends and others. That means you’re not just captivating initial eyes, but all the eyes to whom those eyes send your video.

Marketers’ ability to re-use video assets across multiple social media sites, from Facebook to Instagram to TikTok and beyond, make them an even more attractive marketing tool. Branded videos’ compatibility with social media, and their inherent shareability are at least partially responsible for why videos are such an effective tool for sales.

How effective? According to Wyzowl, a large percentage of marketers credit videos for helping:

  • Increase traffic to their website (84%)
  • Increase dwell time on their website (80%)
  • Generate leads (81%)
  • Reduce support calls (41%)

Videos can also be an evergreen marketing tool, especially when they offer the customer something valuable, such as important facts about the product or how-to instructions. Stunning visuals and a compelling story created by a professional Los Angeles video production team increase the likelihood that your customers and clients remember the video and refer to it as needed.

Our editors can even take a successful video and breathe new life into it and/or give it more functionality by reimagining it. Especially now, with pandemic production restrictions still in force, our professional editors create the highest quality video assets out of existing footage and photos, which ensures that our clients’ investments pay off for years to come.


Are you producing branded videos?

If you’re still not sure how much an investment you want to make in branded videos, you’re not alone. According to Wyzowl, some of the main reasons marketers feel reluctant to start producing viewable, sharable branded videos are:

  • They don’t know where to start (21% )
  • They lack the time (23%)
  • It’s too expensive (12%)

That’s where Ezra Productions comes in. We can drive the whole video production process from strategy to conception to final edit from our offices in Los Angeles and New York. We can do the brainstorming with you (or for you!), and even help devise the perfect branded video strategy that meets your marketing needs. We create content that works within your budget, too.

To get started on a branded video strategy to increase customer engagement and shareability or to jump right into video production, reach out to our team today.