Ezra Productions is honored to have been featured on Marmoset.com’s blog! The blog entry wonderfully highlights Ezra Productions’ style and craftsmanship, and gives readers a unique look into our sensibilities as creatives. In the interview with Ezra Productions’ founder, Jillian Ezra, readers are given the opportunity to learn about the origins of the company and to understand why and how meticulous care goes into every video we produce.

Beyond the idea of who we are and what we do, the article also examines Jillian’s thoughts on what makes film such a great medium to express life’s stories. The article also highlights our Day-in-the-Life Films, and how and why we work with families to produce meaningful, cherished film time capsules for generations to come.

A very special thanks to the writers and talent at Marmoset!

Marmoset.com is a boutique music agency that sources some of the finest independent music around for licensing in commercial video productions.