Ezra Productions is proud to have been written up in our founder’s alma matter’s daily newspaper, the Washington Square News. The article recognizes Ezra Productions’ new approach to sharing family values from one generation to the next through the use of video.

Jillian Ezra of Ezra Productions Featured in NYU New York University Newspaper Washington Square News WSN for Video Production in New York and Los Angeles 1

The article appeared in print and online: http://www.nyunews.com/2014/10/23/ezra/

The article depicts a few of the unique services Ezra Productions, such as Day-in-the-life Films. In producing these films, we work with families to preserve the small, intimate moments in life that often fade from our memories with time. To prepare, we research families before we start shooting to get to know each family and their goals for their personalized video. We film families for at least a day to capture enough poignant moments and interviews to craft a movie that instantly becomes a piece of family history. The article also highlights another service we offer: Family Montage Films. Parents often send us footage they’ve shot on their iPhones or other digital recorders that we then edit into these yearly family films. Both of these films are installments in a family’s digital archive.

The reaction quotes from current students in the article were extremely insightful and encouraging. NYU Sophmore Shira Feldman said:

“The ability to record essentially anything and everything has truly transformed our relationship with memories, and those accompanying experiences…It’s a beautiful thing that we can reminiscence so fondly and document the unexpected special moments.”

Sophmore Michael Abraham added:

“Recording our day-to-day moments is a triumph for anthropology,” and that “We’ve created a real-time record of the way we think about and represent reality.”

Founder (and NYU alumna) Jillian Ezra reflects on how her experience as an undergrad at NYU prepared her start Ezra Productions:

“NYU taught me to look deeply into the meaning and symbolism of everything we read, watched and listened to, and to see the connectedness of all of it. The constant identification of themes and patterns in both liberal arts subjects and the sciences trained me to analyze the interworking of data points and systems and to be able to pull out and look at the bigger picture.”

We’d like to thank Washington Square News reporter Shawn Lingyi Hou and multimedia editor Shawn Paik.