The holidays have arrived and season’s greetings are in order! More and more companies are ditching their boring corporate holiday cards and spicing things up by looking for holiday video production services. Seize the opportunity to engage with clients and customers by eschewing the mundane office photo or e-card, instead, deliver the most inviting and fresh message of all…a personalized corporate holiday video! Yes, a bit more organization is required than licking envelopes, but the payoff is so worth it. And here’s why:

The holiday season presents an opportunity to directly communicate with your audience and showcases some personality. Without fail, you WILL grab the attention of your clients when you send the right kind of holiday video card from your company. Sending a video initiates a sense of personal rapport by letting them in “behind closed doors,” so to speak, out of the usual professional context you share. The holiday video also puts faces to the names of your staff members. In some cases, your clients/customers may have never seen your employees or office space.

Here are some quick tips for producing the best corporate holiday videos:


1. Be Yourself!

Fun, lighthearted, and authentic is the goal. Give your audience a peak of the office beyond the suits! The video should be light, entertaining, and communicate personality.

Check out Thrillist Media‘s staff-inclusive “Happy Harlemdays” holiday video card:


2. DON’T Self-Promote

Show off your work, but don’t stray away from self-promoting too much. This isn’t a commercial. You want to engage your audience with a storyline that includes them and even thanks them for contributing to your success.


3. Invest in High Production Value

Make it professional unless budget is a huge issue and it’s just going on social media. Even during the holidays, your clients can’t help but judge you and your business by the quality of what you’re sending them.

For a GOOD example, check out Publicis Groupe’s “The Skippable Wishes” that features its surprisingly funny CEO, Maurice Lévy :


4. Don’t Try to be TOO Funny

Now is not the time to try and prove comedic talent- it’s important to know where to draw the line. Overdoing the humor not only distracts the audience from your message, but it makes it more about you than them.


5. Keep it Short and Sweet

This is supposed to be an enjoyable bit, boring your audience defeats the sole purpose of creating a holiday video!


6. Who Should You Send it to?

Everyone! Share it with your entire email list, upload it onto the website and blog, and DON’T FORGET to share on social media!

Inspired to create your own office holiday video? It’s not too late! Ezra Productions is here to make your holiday wishes come true and spread the holiday cheer with style and comedy.