Last Friday, we gave a presentation on how to boost your business with video marketing at the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce.

Through the presentation, chamber members learned:

  • How to increase sales and build brand recognition through video
  • The art of sharing your brand’s story while making an unforgettable impact
  • How to build loyalty with your clients and create repetitive business
  • How to integrate video into your content marketing
  • How to leverage video content across social media platforms effectively
  • How to produce video content for a range of budgets
  • How to optimize videos to increase search engine optimization (SEO)

Attendees were so pleased with the presentation, we decided to share it with you! Click below to begin downloading the file.

Note that the presentation is packed with information so it will take a minute to load.


Ezra Productions Produces Videos for Small Business that Increase Revenue

 Ezra Productions – Boosting Your Online Business with Video Marketing Presentation

Let us know what you learned, and if we can be of any assistance!