These days, anyone selling anything wants to create a “viral video.” After all, it seems like a relatively easy and inexpensive way to drive sales, build a brand following and increase brand loyalty. But the first rule of viral video marketing is that if you approach your video with the sole intent for it to “go viral”, it will flop. Why? Because tech-savvy viewers who are responsible for making your video go viral will sense your hidden agenda, and will skip your video. Unfortunately, there’s no formula for creating a viral video, but there are some best practices that we’d like to share with you.


Have an abundance mentality when coming up with a concept.

The days when brands benefitted from having asymmetrical information compared to the consumer are coming to an end. Information is widely available to the public and can be disseminated easily thanks to the internet and social media. These days, brands resonate with their target audience when they give to them in some way, rather than take from them or attempt to dupe them.

Furthermore, to create a truly viral video, you need to give to your viewer in a way that ultimately triggers an authentic emotional response, for example by entertaining them or teaching them something of value. How do you do that? Start by getting to know your target audience intimately and then put yourself in their shoes. Don’t be afraid to level with your target audience. If you provide quality information or truly entertaining content that doesn’t involve a secret agenda, people will respect your company, which will enhance your chance for your video to go viral. Take this time as an opportunity to have a little fun.


Involve a celebrity, but do don’t do it until you have a solid concept.