Companies with huge advertising budgets can afford to hire an agency to buy media placement for their video ads. But what about the up-and-comers who smartly invest in video, but who don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend getting their videos to be seen by their target audience?

First, you can optimize your videos for search engines so that it can be easily found by your target audience. Check out our blog post  to learn how to do that in an easy infographic.

After you’ve done that, you can buy ads on YouTube and Facebook.

Affordable Video Advertising Solution Los AngelesThen, you can contact a company called Virool (

Although they work with companies like Sony, Clorox and T-Mobile they are actually affordable for small businesses too!

They will place your ad on websites that your target customer visits on their own.

Depending on how targeted you want to make your ad, they will charge you between 10 and 25 cents for everyone who clicks your video and watches for at least 30 seconds. They also offer total placement control, which means that you have the ability opt out on any blog or website with one click. They also offer you the ability to place a custom call to action banner to get more traffic on your website or even increase social shares.

They can even set up a quick test to see if it will be a good fit for your business!

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