With so many products and technologies being invented, how does one product stand out from the rest? Of course there’s no one answer to this question, but these days, marketers are investing more and more into product videos – and for good reason! According to MediaPost Publications:

71% of online shoppers reported that video explains a product’s features better than any other medium.

67% of online shoppers watch product videos some or all of the time they see them.

57% of consumers are more confident in purchasing and less likely to return a product after watching a product video.

Why leave it up to others to frame your products on review sites and social media when you can say exactly what you want to say how you want to say it through a video?

Put your best foot forward by framing your products skillfully and in a way in which consumers will take the time to absorb it – through video.

In this post, we’re going to give five tips on how to create a product video that sells!

1. Cater to Your Audience

Identifying the demographic to which your product most appeals and retaining their attention is crucial. To attract the right audience and build a powerful emotional connection with them, it’s important to mirror their lifestyles while bringing their fantasies to life.

One brand that knows their audience well and uses that greatly to their advantage is Cartier.

In this remarkable and luxurious Cartier video, the viewer is thrust into a majestic fantasy world as they follow the journey of one of the company’s most renowned symbols, the panther. In the video, viewers travel to the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, and a grand palace in which the brand’s gold and diamond encrusted jewelry creates a scene similar to one seen in a high-fashion magazine.

Cartier knows that their audience is well-traveled, loves high fashion and will be enamored with this fantasy world Cartier has created which makes them all the more likely to buy their products.

2. Show and Tell

How does your product work? What makes it great? Why should someone buy it? You must engage the viewer with answers to these questions, but don’t simply tell them, show them

3. Infuse Your Brand’s Story and Personality

More likely than not, your brand and/or product has a personality, so use this opportunity to create a bond with your target customer. Often what sets a product apart is the team that created it. Tell the viewer the company’s story – where did the idea for the product come from? Remember consumers crave transparency.

Check out this video we created for Tea Drops, a company that prides itself on the organic and unique nature of its products, which explains the product telling its CEO’s story in a way that touches viewers.

The video keeps the viewer engaged, entertained and informed.

4. Keep Current

Identifying the changes of social conceptions, and incorporating those into your product video can attract valuable viewers and potential customers.

For instance, GoldieBlox tackles the issue of gender stereotyping in a light-hearted yet inspiring video for their gender-neutral children’s toys.

Who says blue is reserved for boys and pink for girls? Certainly not GoldieBlox. They are taking part in a social revolution by actively dismantling this antiquated notion.


5. Include a Call to Action

Now that you’ve got the viewer’s attention, don’t forget to provide a clear, concise next step for the viewers to take at the end of your video. Include a link to the product or your company’s website, tell viewers how to get involved in your social movement, or give them other instructions.

After all, the goal is to convert viewers into buyers!

Following these tips will help any company’s products stand out while remaining relatable. Let us know in the comments section below how your company uses product videos!

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