A client testimonial video can be one of the most effective ways to relate and connect with a customer. When done well, it can leave a lasting impression that surpasses say, a Yelp review. However, there are 5 important must-haves to keep in mind when producing a client testimonial video.

Tell an Actual Story

Anyone can go behind a camera and talk about an experience, but more credibility is earned when a connection is formed. If your customer is relatable and tells a personal story of how they grew from their experience from this product/service, this can break barriers and encourage others to want to do the same.

Avoid Using a Script 

A scripted testimonial is one way to destroy any authenticity quickly. Before the shoot, it’s important to have an outline and overall plan. Have questions prepared and ready but also allow the customer to speak freely. Being in front of a camera can feel uncomfortable for most people but remind the client that you will be professionally editing the video and that any parts can be cut. This can add ease to any stress in the filming process.

Capture the Atmosphere 

The environment of a company is just as important as their product. Think about the last time you visited a business you really admire or frequent. What did you like about it? How did it feel when you entered the doors for the first time? Beyond a video simply providing a customer interview, capture the feel. Whether it’s the interior or little details located throughout, locate the charm and share it with your audience.

What is the Product?

Some of my favorite client testimonials show obvious before and after photos of their services. A great example can be seen in this medical testimonial video. Seeing a dramatic/clear result of the service or product shows you exactly what you can achieve with a very basic and honest approach. What you see is what you get, and you like what you see. The same can go for hospitality videos. We are in a visually-centric world and a well-executed image of a product can be very persuasive.

Keep it Short and Sweet

When shooting, feel free to capture as much content as you’d like but when it comes to the final production, less is more. I’ll never forget a lesson my photography teacher taught me when preparing for our first gallery show. Pick only a few images and pick only the best. If you have some less powerful images just to fill space it lessens the wow factor. A good video can have the best clips of the interview, the best shots of the environment and still be short enough to keep your viewers attention and leave them interested and curious.