Juvederm Medical Testimonial Video

Project Overview

We created a series of testimonial videos that depict women receiving lip injections from Dr. Barrett in order to put prospective patients at ease. In the video, viewers see Dr. Barrett’s amazing bedside manner while watching him perform a procedure that appears easy, fast, and painless. In the videos, we highlighted the relatable stories and emotions that lead most women to get lip injections, as well as the real relief and satisfaction the patients experienced. We highlighted Dr. Barrett’s good judgment and the factors that set him apart from other doctors. We used relaxing Hawaiian music in the videos to further put prospective patients at ease.

Video Features

We cast real people who wanted lip injections who also have acting experience so that they appeared comfortable and authentic to viewers. We chose people were attractive but not so beautiful that viewers would be intimidated by watching them.

Project Deliverables

Three 2-minute medical testimonial videos to display on client’s website, YouTube channel, and social media.

Company Overview

Dr. Barrett is a plastic surgeon located in Beverly Hills, California, who focuses on aesthetic plastic surgery and face and body cosmetic procedures. Dr. Barrett specializes in natural rejuvenation with minimal downtime. He is well known for his lip injections that provide beautiful, natural-looking results.

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