FounderMade Conference Promotional Video Production

Conference Video Production Project Overview

FounderMade wanted to capture a variety of content throughout the day, including all of its panels, six video and audio podcasts, interviews with keynote speakers, and a promotional video. The overarching goals of the videos were to build brand awareness and affinity, increase brand perception and recall, engage social media followers and subscribers with fresh, unique, educational content, and to increase ticket sales for their conferences throughout the year. One of the goals of the promotional video was to position this conference as the ultimate place for entrepreneurs, investors, press, and buyers to connect, learn, and grow.

Project Deliverables

1 promotional video/sizzle reel

1 branded promotional video for RX BAR

8 panel videos

6 video podcast previews

6 audio podcasts

Our Approach

We broke down FounderMade’s deliverables and determined that they would need a minimum of four cameras and one audio engineer in order to capture the amount of content they needed at the quality level they desired. We procured the highest-quality cameras, lenses, and lighting possible for their budget. For the “podcast” sessions, we used a cinematographer who specializes in beauty in order to give the videos the high-end look the client desired. To further give the videos the filmic look the client desired, we employed cinematic color correction. 

The Result

The resulting videos were published to FounderMade’s social media channels. The videos were high-end, dynamic, cinematic representations of the energy and value of the day. The client loved the videos so much they booked us for their Consumer Discovery conference later that year in New York. We learned a tremendous amount about the consumer packaged goods ecosystem that we compiled our key takeaways for food entrepreneurs from the FounderMade Conference.

Our Role

  • Creative collaboration and brainstorming
  • Define campaign goals and target audience
  • Video production: producing, directing, video editing
  • Motion graphics
  • Color grading
  • Audio editing
  • Music licensing
  • Podcast recording and editing


Company Overview

FounderMade curates breakthrough consumer brands in the wellness, beauty, and food spaces, and drives growth through direct access to investors, press, buyers, and consumers. FounderMade’s Future of Food Summit in Los Angeles featured the top thought leaders in food as they explored how innovation, influencer marketing, and consumer technology is radically changing the food industry.

Winner of 2018 Telly Award for General-Event for Promotional Video

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