Habit + Reason BTS Fashion Campaign Video

Fashion Video Production Project Overview

Habit + Reason requested a behind-the-scenes (BTS) promotional video to be shot during one of their photo shoots. We tagged along for the shoot in Los Angeles and captured stylized moments that give viewers a cinematic sneak peek behind the scenes of a fashion photo shoot. The client wanted the video to feel edgy and like a fashion film to appeal to their millennial demographic, so we gave the video a raw, artistic, confident tone. We made the clothes the focal point of the video but highlighted the model’s personality to bring the clothes and the moments to life.


Company Overview

Habit + Reason is a women’s fashion company specializing in graphic tees and sweatshirts with cheeky slogans.


The Result

One 1 minute and 20-second fashion film that the client displayed on its website and social media channels.


Our Role

  • Producing
  • Directing
  • Cinematic filming
  • Video editing
  • Coloring
  • Graphics
  • Music licensing


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