Fashion Week 2017: Behind-the-scenes Videos

Video Production Project Overview

La Perla called us 45 minutes before they needed a DP at their midtown office to shoot behind-the-scenes Instagram videos with two very well-known runway models: Liu Wen and Isabeli Fontana. They needed to post the videos to their Instagram and Facebook accounts later that day as a build-up to their NY Fashion Week show the next day.

One of our fashion and beauty directors/shooters arrived at the location of the fittings 45 minutes later and was given a very short window of time to shoot the branded content videos. La Perla requested very close-up shots of the clothing and the materials so as to keep the entire looks a surprise. Within a few hours, we edited the videos the videos were posted to their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

So far, two videos we produced have racked up 50,000 views on Instagram, which is double to triple the number of views their videos normally receive.

Video Production Project Deliverables

Two 10- to 20-second videos formatted for social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

Company Overview

La Perla is a leading luxury lingerie company that is known for its skillful corsetry and meticulous detail in its creation of exquisite designs in silk and lace. Instilled with a ‘Made in Italy’ heritage, the brand is known for its unbridled femininity, elegance, and sophistication.


La Perla’s Instagram posts featuring Ezra Productions’ behind-the-scenes videos

got over 20,000 views each, which is roughly double their average number of video views.

Winner of 2018 Communicator Award for Branded Content-Promotional for Online Video