IMAC Regeneration Centers Broadcast Commercial Video Production

Client Request

The goals of the commercial video production campaign were to build brand awareness and affinity, position IMAC Regeneration Centers as the leader in preventive and regenerative medical clinics, drive traffic to the clinics, and most importantly, secure up to $50M in investment through Regulation A+ Mini-IPO (a.k.a. equity crowdfunding).

Basic Description of Project

We created a 30-second commercial to communicate the overall purpose of IMAC to the general market. We also created a 60-second commercial with more information about IMAC’s attractiveness as an investment opportunity.

Company Descriptions

IMAC Regeneration Centers is a group of medical clinics utilizing a regenerative approach to treat injuries, inflammatory diseases, and the premature breakdown of the body due to natural aging without surgery or the use of addictive drugs.


One 60-second broadcast commercial video and one 30-second broadcast commercial video.

30-Second Video

Our Approach

We worked with IMAC to analyze their current market position and messaging and use that to create two commercials that would resonate with their target audiences. The campaign had to be general enough to drive potential patients into the clinics, yet specific enough to entice retail, institutional, and accredited investors to invest in the company.

We conducted an analysis of the best equity crowdfunding videos and determined that the best type of video for IMAC would focus primarily on the company’s vision, mission, and values, and secondarily on IMAC’s key differentiators and benefits. We presented IMAC with two concepts: a testimonial-based video and a commercial that utilized actors. The client chose the second option.

To keep the budget to a minimum, we created a 60-second broadcast commercial that was more targeted towards potential investors, and a 30-second cutdown that was targeted towards potential patients. We used a movie-quality camera (Alexa Mini) to give the content a cinematic feel that would distinguish the company from competitors its vertical. We were able to save the client money by creating simple, tasteful graphical elements, instead of expensive animations.

Our Role

  • Creative collaboration across multiple client disciplines, including marketing, business strategy, and legal/compliance
  • Define campaign goals and target audience, including competitive analysis
  • Creative concepting
  • Script writing
  • Casting
  • Video production: producing, directing, video editing
  • Motion graphics
  • Animation
  • Color grading
  • Music composition
  • Voiceover