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ieCrowd Equity Crowdfunding Video

Video Production Project Overview

ieCrowd approached us just weeks before the launch of their equity crowdfunding campaign on to create videos for their campaign and their website. They needed a longer equity crowdfunding video that would educate accredited investors on the company’s key selling points while forging an emotional bond with them and persuading them that the company is worthy of their investment. They also wanted a shorter version that would serv as their brand video for their website.

At the time of production, ieCrowd had two products which were highlighted in the video to show what investors’ money would go towards commercializing.  For the longer video, we used ieCrowd’s CEO, Amro Albanna, as the face of the company and narrator of the video in order to form an emotionally connect with viewers and to create a sense of transparency. We used b-roll of a salt-of-the-earth woman to portray the diversity of the ieCrowd’s target investors. Viewers were drawn in by her unexpected emotion and the detail shots.

The shorter  1 -minute brand video featured only the woman from the longer video and was accompanied by an earthy yet powerful female voiceover. This video will be used on their website and we will use some of this footage for their Reg A+ video.

Project Deliverables

One 4-minute video to display on client’s crowdfunding campaign page and YouTube channel, and one 1-minute brand video to be featured on client’s website and YouTube channel.

Company Overview

ieCrowed is a growing community of impact investors with the shared mission of bringing breakthrough health innovations to market. ieCrowd works with universities, government labs, and other health innovators to identify promising technologies that it can turn into products which can provide health and wellness to those who need it most. At the time of publishing, ieCrowd had two technologies: Nuuma and Kite.

Nuuma is a tiny nano-based sensor being designed to detect airborne gases at the parts-per-billion (ppb). Imagine Nuuma as a “digital nose” for mobile devices, with potential consumer and professional uses ranging from testing indoor/outdoor air quality to early disease detection to homeland security.

Kite Shield is a spray used to protect people and pets against mosquitoes. Kite Shield is DEET-free and has been proven effective in blocking mosquitoes’ CO2 and other receptors from recognizing humans. Even more Kite products are in development to both fight the threat of and protect against other insects.

This is the shorter 1-minute brand video to be displayed on the company’s website:


This equity crowdfunding video helped ieCrowd get reservations of over $1.4 million on equity crowdfunding website ieCrowd's next equity crowdfunding capital raise will be for $50 million through a Reg A+ offering under Title IV of the JOBS Act.


Extremely short time frame

Complicated subject matter

Unclear brand messaging to work off of


Utilize two directors to share the workload, keep lines of communication open with client, tap into our vast network of industry professionals to find the right crew members who were available last minute.

Utilize producer with an understanding of finance, impact investment, and video production, to work hand-in-hand with directors and writer.

Create our own compelling story for the company by putting ourselves in the investor’s shoes, working with the CEO, and deep diving into the client’s website, marketing materials, and press.

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