Kite Shield Indiegogo InDemand Crowdfunding Video

Crowdfunding Video Project Overview

Kite Shield approached us to make a crowdfunding video for their Indiegogo InDemand campaign which was set to launch just weeks after our initial call. The goal of the video was to create an authentic connection with the viewer, which we did through interviews with the CEO in a beautiful location, shots of the product in use by everyday people, and a behind-the-scenes look at the lab.

This project came with a unique challenge, which we gladly accepted. We were tasked with addressing viewers who had already pledged money to support Kite’s previous campaign for a mosquito-repelling patch, but who hadn’t received their product yet. That product was still in production, but meanwhile, the company was able to push out the next iteration of the product, Kite Shield, which is a spray rather than a patch. We needed to address those people’s concern while not making that the focus on the video. We had the CEO start out by thanking the Indiegogo community for all of their support, and briefly explaining why they were forging on with Kite Shield at that time. Then we went on to all of the benefits of the product to the user and the environment. During the campaign, the Kite team made sure to quickly reply to each and every negative comment, which was also vital to the success of the campaign.

We are happy to report that the crowdfunding campaign was a success!

Project Deliverable

One 2-minute video to display on client’s Indiegogo InDemand crowdfunding campaign page, Facebook, and instagram accounts.

Company Overview

Kite Shield is a DEET-free mosquito repellent that makes humans practically invisible to mosquitos by blocking their CO2 receptors from recognizing humans. It has been third-party tested for efficacy,  and is made of a beautiful blend of botanical active ingredients. Kite’s goal is to give people the freedom to go out and explore the world without the fear of being bitten by mosquitos. #livefearlessly

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