Criteo Event Photography

Project Overview

Criteo contacted Ezra Productions to capture photos of one of their very important events. After discussing the project with Criteo, we reviewed their brand guidelines and created a suggested shot list. We sent one of our Getty photographers to the event where she photographed the ambiance, people having fun, and little details, and worked with the client throughout the event to make sure that the client was getting what they needed.

Company Overview

Criteo is a public company based in France that has created the world’s most intelligent performance marketing engine. Criteo offers a range of digital advertising solutions to its online retail clients. Their flagship offering is a technology that personalizes the consumer’s online advertising exposure by delivering customized ads to drive former visitors back to online retailers’ websites as potential customers.

We know that when we work with Ezra Productions, we’re always going to get the best results. It was no surprise when Ezra Productions’ photographer captured the best shots from a very important event that we threw at our offices in Los Angeles.
Karlei Lin

Marketing Communications Manager, Criteo

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