Case Study #4 - Yoga DVD

The Result

Project Overview

In 2013, we were approached by a New York-based private yoga teacher, Lisa Langer, who wanted to create her first 60-minute yoga DVD. She wanted an east coast look and feel, as well as a studio-quality result. Her budget was about one-tenth of that of a studio-produced yoga DVD. We were up to the challenge.

We analyzed the yoga DVD market so we could advise Lisa on positioning and put together a realistic, iron-clad budget. We also brought on veteran yoga and fitness DVD director James Wvinner, who advised us on how to get a studio-quality look on Lisa’s budget.

The end result was a one-hour yoga DVD and a digital download optimized for streaming over wifi. Lisa was thrilled with the video! It can be purchased on her website right here: Transcend with Lisa Langer.


Project Pre-requisites

A deep understanding of the yoga video landscape, including the shift from DVD to digital.

Project Timeframe

To keep costs low, we shot for only one day in New York. In order to do that, we prepared for months. Lisa wanted to take things very slowly, so the total timeframe was about six months.

Project Deliverables

One-hour yoga DVD as well as a digital download of the class, optimized for mobile viewing.

“Jillian is a joy to work with. She understood my vision, added value to it and implemented it in a way that exceeded my expectations!! I’d recommend her to anyone looking to produce a video.”

Lisa Langer


Challenges & Solutions


The project required rigorous pre-production from Los Angeles to be able to realize Lisa’s sleek vision on her budget. We planned every aspect of production to the T so that on the day of the shoot, everything would run smoothly. In order to pull off such a large project in one day, we needed to assemble a strong crew that bought in to Lisa’s vision.

To stay within Lisa’s budget without compromising quality, we got creative with every aspect of the project, including accommodations in New York, food for the crew, equipment selection, location, and more.

Bringing on James Wvinner, who has directed large-budget wellness programming for companies like Gaima, Manduka, Acacia and Exhale, was one of the best decisions we made. He used his deep understanding of the wellness video industry help us realize Lisa’s vision on her budget.

As Lisa’s needs and wants changed throughout the process, we remained constantly attuned to her priorities and interacted with her as a partner in her success.

Feature Spotlight

Veteran Yoga DVD Director

Our director, James Wvinner has directed wellness programming for yoga’s biggest stars, and his expertise was invaluable in helping us create a studio-quality production on a smaller budget.

Yoga Music

We helped Lisa license music from acclaimed kirtan chant artist David Newman (a.k.a. Durga Das), whose beautiful songs play throughout the video.

Custom-designed Titles

We designed titles that reflected Lisa’s east-cost chic feel and elegantly communicated the vast amount of information she wanted to include.

Special Effects

We removed a green sign on a hotel behind Lisa because we felt that it detracted from the class.

Reflections on the Project

We had such a great time producing this video for New York-based yoga teacher Lisa Langer. This project also initiated our relationship with yoga DVD director James Wvinner, for which we will be forever grateful. We look forward to continuing to produce videos for Lisa Langer and other yoga and fitness brands.