Case Study #3 - Branded Content Promotional Video

The Result


Project Overview

Great Labels, a women’s designer clothing consignment store, needed a video for their website that introduced prospective new customers to their Santa Monica location. They didn’t have any idea how it should look, so it was our task to create something that reflected the brand, captured the essence of the store and attracted and entertained their target audience.

We learned the owner’s story, her thoughts on the consignment industry, and asked her to identify clients who were fun and who represented the store well. We conducted on-camera interviews with the owner and her clients, and spent time at the store filming from unique angles.

We edited the video together in a very fashion-forward, sexy style, as opposed to a more demure style, as a way to engage their target audience. The editor used After Effects and high-energy music that might be used on a runway during fashion week to carry the story along while entertaining the viewer. Great Labels was thrilled with the video.


Project Pre-requisites

Before our initial meeting with the owner of Great Labels, we researched the company and its competitors as well as all of their video offerings to figure out what prospective customers were already experiencing. We saw that the videos were missing two components: succinct and relevant storytelling, and cinema-quality visuals.

Project Timeframe

We shot over one week and delivered the end result two weeks later.

Total time: 3 weeks.

Project Deliverables

One 1:27 second video.

Challenges & Solutions



Without much direction from the client, we helped the owner of Great Labels define her goals for the video and presented angles from which to approach the video. Ultimately the owner of the store knows her client base the best, so we collaborated with her to craft a video that would appeal to her prospective clients. We wanted to shoot the owner in a beautiful, relaxed setting other than the store, so we rearranged furniture in her own living room and conducted the interview there.

Feature Spotlight

Color Correction

The color correction in this video made the video particularly cinematic and eye-popping. Sometimes it was black and white, other times it took on an ethereal vibe. This engages viewers and brings them along for the ride.


Light Leak Transitions

We used hot pink light leaks as transitions, which added to the sexiness of the video and was a welcome change from regular cuts.

Custom-designed Titles

We created custom titles to introduce each of the speakers, and at other times, featured Great Labels’ twitter handle and relevant hash tags to highlight special features of the store and to encourage customers to engage with Great Labels on social media channels.

Fashion-forward Music

We used music that could be heard on a runway during fashion week to spice up the video and give it a fast pace.

Reflections on the Project

It was a lot of fun to make this video, as it was a departure from the more documentary-stile narrative videos we had been producing at the time. It allowed us to bring on a new editor for the project who we will definitely be using in the future! Looking forward to creating many more videos like this one.