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Stories have the power to convince, to sway, to change hearts and minds. One of the best opportunities for B2B and B2C brand storytelling is through testimonial and video interview production.

No matter the nature of a video interview production, we focus on the same key success factors to ensure that the final product conveys the right messaging and delivers the best results.


Video interview production projects are some of the most rewarding. At Ezra Productions, we’re proud to have helped plan, shoot and edit a range of different testimonial and video interview productions, including those that focus on both founder stories and customer experience.



FounderMade engaged us to create a series of video interviews that featured food startup founders in casual environments having informal conversations. The result was a collection of high-energy videos that are at times funny, at times poignant, but that always help propel an authentic story that engages viewers.

This video interview production for Dr. Barrett Plastic Surgery serves two purposes. First, it helps put prospective patients at ease by allowing existing patients to describe how simple and straightforward treatments can be. Secondly, it demonstrates the results that Dr. Barrett delivers for patients. Videos like this one engender trust on behalf of the viewer. This video humanizes the subject and shows, rather than tells, how much he cares about the people he works with.

New York Creative Agency & Video Production


Social proof is an age-old concept in marketing. It’s the reason why magazine ads included short testimonials throughout the 20th century. In the 21st century, though, audiences are consuming information differently, and video is one of the most effective ways to deliver that information. Given how audiences are changing, testimonial video production is an important part of brand marketing plans.

A high-quality testimonial or video interview production is a great way to capture the social proof needed to sell on a website, via social media or even during a business development presentation. There’s also power in providing a recommendation, and testimonial and video interview production are effective ways to share recommendations and let audience members hear directly from company owners and employees.

A good video interview production project can do two specific things for your brand:

Bring your brand’s or product’s story to life and help prospective customers envision themselves as part of that story.

Create the sort of authenticity that moves prospective and past customers alike to take action.

Video interview production projects that achieve these two objectives will touch the audience on a deeper level than text. They will make audience members feel like the brand cares about them and their lives, and they will stand out in channels crowded with other brand messaging.

At Ezra Productions, our focus is always on delivering the best results and ensuring your goals are met.

First, we create videos with a high-end aesthetic. In our digital world filled with multimedia, it’s often hard for your message to break through. A high-end aesthetic serves as a differentiator for your content, helping it to capture attention from your target audience.

As a leading brand video production company, we also focus on working with the best talent behind the camera. Our team members are both highly creative and deeply experienced professionals who regularly work on movies, TV shows and commercials.

We understand that it’s hard to capture the attention of a target audience in the modern world, which is why each second of a video production matters. Our attention to detail helps us ensure that every moment of your production makes an impact.

Finally, our status as a leader among women-owned video production companies allows us to bring a unique perspective to each project. Too often production teams represent only a narrow portion of society. Our diverse team and the perspectives we bring to video production help connect content with a larger target audience.

When you’re ready to get started on a testimonial video production or video interview production, we’re ready to help — whether you need video production in Los Angeles or other markets. Get in touch with us today to start a conversation about how we can bring your vision to life and deliver the results you need. 

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