Sunday Scaries Video Production

Video Production Project Overview

Sunday Scaries tasked us with creating a series of funny videos for social media that would hook viewers and convert them into customers. Their goals were increasing sales and engagement and building brand awareness and affinity. Additionally, they wanted to differentiate themselves from other CBD products on the market. Sunday Scaries’ mostly millennial audience responds well to a very distinct voice that they had already cultivated, so it was our job to create content that stayed true to that brand persona. They specifically wanted to create these videos for social media so they did not want us to use too much audio or VO because people typically don’t scroll through their social feeds with their audio on.

Our Role

  • Define campaign goals and target audience, including competitive analysis
  • Creative concepting
  • Script writing
  • Casting
  • Video production: producing, directing, video editing
  • Motion graphics
  • Color grading
  • Music licensing

Company Overview

Sunday Scaries is a San Diego-based company that makes ingestible CDB products such as gummy bears and tinctures that help reduce anxiety.

Our Approach

We started by studying the photos, videos, and influencers that were performing well for Sunday Scaries before creating various concepts to pitch to the founders. The winning campaign was a series of fun, upbeat, and memorable videos that follow one girl through four relatable anxiety-producing situations in her life. Our goal was to make people feel like they aren’t alone or abnormal in feeling anxiety throughout the day, and that there is a perfectly socially acceptable solution to their problem: Sunday Scaries gummies. Our actress goes through exaggerated real-life situations like being berated with thousands of emails and text messages on Monday morning, and scrolling through a dating app and reacting to undesirable men’s profiles in bed, but the real laughs come in when the audience sees a gigantic gummy bear that randomly appears in frame as somewhat of a comfort object and a subtle reminder for her to take her Sunday Scaries gummies. He doesn’t hand her the gummies or in any way pitch the product, he just takes on a Buddha-like presence that reminds her that everything is going to be ok, and she can just relax. We don’t see the gummies until the very end of each of the videos. Each video ends with funny taglines written in millennial-friendly verbiage that describe the uses for the gummies.

Project Deliverables

We promised the client three videos but we were able to shoot and deliver four comedic videos that were used on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Additional Videos