Rayton Solar Equity Crowdfunding Video

Video Production Project Overview

We produced this Equity Crowdfunding Video for Rayton Solar to help communicate their value professionally to potential investors anytime, anywhere. Through the use of storytelling, cinematography and 3D animation, this video attracts and educates investors on the company’s technology and the founder’s story.

Advanced animations made in After Effects enhance the theme of technology, as well as illustrate the company’s invention in an understandable and creative way. The inspiring music helps to build anticipation from the product’s conception story to the demonstration.

Project Deliverables

One 2-minute video to display on client’s crowdfunding campaign, as well as client’s social media accounts

Company Overview

Rayton Solar is a California-based solar panel company that aims to develop the world’s most cost-effective source of energy. By bringing together essential particle accelerator technology and solar energy manufacturing, Rayton has created silicon cutting and handling techniques that can be leveraged to transform the way electricity is generated around the world.


This equity crowdfunding video helped Rayton Solar raise over $2.8 million on equity crowdfunding website Fundable.com (almost six times their goal), and $1 million from an angel investor. Rayton is now able pay the fees associated with raising up to $50 million through a Reg A+ offering under Title IV of the JOBS Act.

Winner of 2015 Communicator Awards  Distinction for Online Video – Branded Content – Green / Eco-Friendly


Short time frame

Small budget

Conflicting ideas internally


Work hard, work smart, divide and conquer, tell client what we need from them and by when in advance, make things as easy as possible for client to give feedback.

Utilize Hollywood cinematographer on his time off, film everything in one day, call in favors, search low-cost resources for the best they have to offer, utilize stock footage, give client information about what will take their video to the next level for the lowest cost.

Explain our reasoning to the client and gently guide them towards what would make the video most compelling for their target audience.

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