Jillian Ezra of Ezra Productions

Jillian founded Ezra Productions in Los Angeles after spending seven years living and working in New York, Florence and Sydney. After graduating cum laude from NYU with a degree in economics, Jillian cut her teeth in public relations while working for Cartier during the financial crisis. She went on to work in marketing for Lazard Asset Management, where she worked with portfolio managers and client advisors to craft compelling corporate marketing materials geared towards both institutional and retail investors.

An avid traveler, Jillian began experimenting with film in Europe to capture moments that couldn’t be captured with still images alone. Upon her return to New York, she was struck by the power of film to instantly transport her back to specific moments in her travels. She learned to edit her footage in 2010. She enjoyed the challenge of the technical side of editing, and found that the labor of editing ignited a spark inside of her. Jillian pursued this newfound passion by creating films for friends and family. The responses were overwhelming. She was compelled to pursue video production so she left the world of finance in New York to follow her passion in Los Angeles.

She was soon approached by companies that recognized her ability to construct visually and emotionally compelling narratives through video production. They were refreshed by the personal attention they received, and how she embraced each project with curiosity guided by experience and wisdom. As her business grew, she started collecting talented, like-minded filmmakers, photographers, web designers, and digital marketing experts to help realize her clients’ visions. Since founding Ezra Productions in 2012, the company has grown into a full-service creative agency and video production company with headquarters in Los Angeles and New York. Jillian is grateful to be able to provide women, minorities, and young people with the opportunities to express themselves creatively in this industry.

Since you’ve made it this far, enjoy this gag reel of Jillian’s bloopers from our very own Brand Story Film.