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Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have revolutionized the way that new businesses are financed. Video is one of the most compelling storytelling mechanisms that exists, so having a high-quality crowdfunding video is arguably the most important tool in running a successful crowdfunding campaign.


New York Creative Agency & Video Production

Why a Crowdfunding Video?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to crowdfunding video production. However, successful crowdfunding videos all accomplish three goals: first, they introduce the audience to the product; second, they cause the target audience to like the product; and third, they cause the audience to trust the company. After those three goals are met, viewers become buyers.

Successful crowdfunding pitch videos don’t just explain the product they’re selling, they establish personal connections with viewers. Having the founder as the spokesperson has proven to be a very effective way of gaining viewers’ trust. When a founder talks about what inspired them to create their product and


when they take viewers behind the scenes on their journey, viewers feel a sense of belonging. Encouraging viewers to be a part of the founder’s developing story gives them a feeling of belonging and helpfulness, which engenders trust.

Ezra Productions specializes in creating high-quality, effective, engaging crowdfunding videos that convert viewers into buyers and brand evangelists. Contact us today to get started on your crowdfunding video!

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