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Consumers are watching more video than ever before, driven by the popularity of social media platforms, waning attention spans, and the proliferation of mobile devices. Smart beauty brands are using beauty video production as a key part of their marketing strategy to capture market share and increase brand loyalty.

Ezra Productions is the leader in high-quality, affordable beauty video production in Los Angeles and New York. Check out a sample of our video production work with brands like Herbivore Botanicals and Lalicious below.


New York Creative Agency & Video Production


At Ezra Productions, we are a brand video production agency with deep experience in the beauty industry. Over the past few years, we’ve had the chance to work on different types of beauty video production, including these projects:



We worked with Lalicious to highlight its Sugar Scrub product and showcase its benefits and uses:


We worked with Herbivore Botanicals create instructional product demonstration videos:


We worked with Lalicious to build a compelling brand story around the company’s products:

Each of the videos above shares one thing in common: the use of proven beauty video production best practices. Get more beauty video production tips when you read this post we shared on our blog.


New York Creative Agency & Video Production


The beauty industry is experiencing remarkable growth. Many cosmetics and personal care brands are placing an emphasis on beauty video production — and with good reason. Consider these video statistics:

  • Video will represent 80% of all consumer Internet traffic by the end of 2019.

  • Every year, the consumption of videos on mobile devices increases by 100%.

  • Every day, Facebook users generate 8 billion video views.

Those are incredible numbers, and brands are becoming more and more aware of video’s importance in marketing. Video is how a modern brand conveys its personality. Video is how a brand brings products to life. And high-quality video can help a brand differentiate itself from the competition.

This is especially true for the cosmetics and personal care companies that operate in the highly competitive beauty industry. All you need is the right beauty brand video production company to execute on your next video project.

The growth in video consumption is only rivaled by the growth in the beauty industry overall. For example, in 2003, the industry generated $30.79 billion in revenue in the United States. By 2016, the beauty industry was generating more than double that amount — $62.46 billion.

At the same time, beauty brands represent enormous value and huge revenue opportunities. According to a yearly list created by Forbes, the following beauty brands are among the 100 most valuable in the world:

  • #30: L’Oréal ($17.2 billion value, $9.1 billion revenue)

  • #88: Lancome ($8 billion, $5.3 billion)

  • #89: Nivea ($7.9 billion, $1.6 billion)

Well-known brands like L’Oréal, Lancome and Nivea are leveraging beauty video production to grow their presence and build their value — and there’s an opportunity for other brands to do the same thing. Video provides beauty brands with the following benefits:

1.  Versatility: Videos work through all stages of the sales funnel: awareness, research, preference, demo and purchase.

2.  Awareness and Attention: The beauty industry is highly competitive. Quality beauty video production can help attract needed attention and build brand awareness.

3.  Audience Education: As noted above, consumers spend time researching products before they buy. Video is a great way to educate audience members and nudge them toward becoming buyers.

4.  Demonstrations: Brands can use video to demonstrate how the product solves a specific problem that consumers experience.

5.  Excitement and Loyalty: Beauty video production is one of the best ways to generate excitement over a product and ultimately to create the loyalty that sustains a brand over the long-term.


New York Creative Agency & Video Production


We create the right team needed to make the client’s vision come to life in the most effective way for all of our beauty video production projects. That includes bringing in talented directors who can deliver the most compelling results. Directors we work with have led the following shoots:




New York Creative Agency & Video Production


You need is the right beauty video production company to deliver amazing results. At Ezra Productions, we approach each project with a commitment to the high-end aesthetic that will separate your brand from the competition. We stay updated on the latest trends so that you get cutting-edge video results. And we always pay the utmost attention to detail — so that every second of your video drives your brand’s core message.

As a corporate video production company, we also work with talented production partners who bring experience to all projects — beauty video production included. Our writers, directors, editors and others know and understand different beauty video styles, and they use proven techniques to ensure that each video meets the highest quality standards.

Finally, Ezra Productions is a leader among women-owned video production companies. We bring to beauty video production projects a unique perspective that you won’t find elsewhere.

Are you looking for the right company for your next beauty video production project? Do you need beauty video production in Los Angeles, New York City or other markets? If so, contact Ezra Productions today to learn more about how we can ensure that your video reaches its full potential.



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