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We work with our clients to produce high-quality, innovative, persuasive B2B videos that engage and resonate with their target audiences by tapping into both parts of the human brain: the half that processes facts and figures, and the half that processes emotion.


New York Creative Agency & Video Production


The well-established success of B2C videos is now mirrored by a growing demand from businesses looking to engage potential leads and prospects with creative and fresh B2B video production. B2B videos haven’t often been singled out for their ability to excite, but luckily, this is changing. Instead of producing dry explainer videos, tacky testimonials, and boring brand films, we treat B2B films like any other piece of branded content. This means that B2B films have to really resonate with, and even entertain the target audience.

After helping define our clients’ goals, we study their target audiences and competitors. We use the resulting information to produce B2B videos that are compelling and that drive viewers to take actions that are in line with our clients’ goals. B2B videos commonly last for just one or two minutes, so we utilize the following key characteristics in our B2B videos to ensure every second counts:

1. Trust and Authenticity

The most important aspect of any successful B2B video is that it builds trust through authentic connection and candid communication. Some of the best B2B videos convey a sense of the people behind the brand by using employee testimonials. Being able to put a face to a name is very powerful when it comes to building solid new business relationships and growing current relationships.

2. Logical Structure

Tightly structured narratives lead the target audience from start to finish and keep interest piqued, which is key to retaining the attention of busy viewers. Like a three-act play, many successful B2B videos tell a story that contains three parts. We start by setting the stage with a relatable character set in a relatable environment. This character must be someone with whom the target audience identifies. Then, the video presents a problem that the business’s core audience can relate to. Finally, we see how the business successfully resolves the problem. Some B2B videos are not as story-driven, but it’s still important to convey key messaging in a logical structure.

3. Brand Continuity

Design and tone continuity across all platforms, from a company’s website to its videos, is vital when it comes to increasing brand lift and reinforcing brand identity. Great B2B videos incorporate the look and feel of the brand and are written and filmed a way that conveys the brand’s authentic tone. If a company wants to project a professional image, video production is not the place to skimp on budget. B2B videos are an extension of brands, so quality is of utmost importance.

4. Give to Your Audience

Effective B2B videos give to their target audience, whether that is through tangible information, a more abstract emotional connection to the root business, or even a belly laugh. Instead of focusing on selling clients your product or service, create a case study video that answers all of your clients’ burning questions about your product or service straight from the mouths of real, trustworthy, relatable people.

5. Leave an Impression

Don’t settle on having a boring, dry B2B video that may cause viewers to get distracted or stop watching. A B2B video should really make the viewer feel something, whether that’s happy, empathetic, educated, or entertained. The stronger the feeling a viewer gets while watching a video, the stronger the video’s impression. Successful B2B videos deliver a strong and clear call to action that inspires viewers to act on what they have seen.

B2B videos have the ability to drives sales and increase brand lift when done correctly. Ezra Productions is excited to learn about your business and create innovative B2B videos that help your company achieves its goals.

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