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Family Legacy Videos: The Gift of a Lifetime

Our empathetic, positive, trained interviewers capture your treasured family member’s life story and legacy remotely via video conference in as little as one hour.

We edit their unique stories and memories of your family’s history into a beautiful video.

You share this once-in-a-lifetime gift with family members today, tomorrow, and in the future.


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Preserve their living legacy in a video time capsule. 

Watch anytime, anywhere.


Your family is unique. Each generation faces obstacles, challenges, and triumphs that contain valuable life lessons for children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and those who follow. By creating a living Legacy Video, you ensure that these important stories don’t just fade away into the forgotten past, but are permanently woven into the fabric of your family.

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Your loved one will thank you now.

Your family will thank you for generations to come.

Doing an autobiographical life review with an empathetic, interested listener can have a profoundly positive impact on older adults, including giving new significance, clarity, and meaning to a person’s life. Storytelling can also build happiness and resilience.

Having access to a video of a family member who has taken the time to reflect on their lives, from the hardest lessons they have learned to their most cherished experiences, is infinitely valuable to future generations.

How it Works



Decide how long you’d like your video to be based on how many topics you want us to cover. We recommend at least two hours.



We’ll schedule and then conduct the interview with your loved one via videoconference.



We’ll edit out the interviewer, add in titles to provide context, and send you the final video for you to download digitally.


Optional Add-Ons

Add up to 10 photos to your video

Add 15-minute interview segments to your video

What Our Clients Are Saying

"I cannot speak more highly about Ezra Productions. We work with a lot of people in the movie business and when I decided to find a video production company in Los Angeles I had so many people to choose from. I cannot tell you how HAPPY we are that we ended up working with Jillian and her team. They created the most AMAZING family video production for us and I certainly plan on using them again. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!"


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Founder & CEO


Ezra Productions was founded by Jillian Ezra in 2012. Jillian graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in  economics from NYU, and worked at Merrill Lynch, Cartier, and Lazard Asset Management.

Jillian developed a passion for storytelling, and started interviewing family members about their life stories. The response was overwhelming, and Jillian decided to form Ezra Productions in 2012.

Since then, Ezra Productions has produced countless bespoke Family Legacy Films that are filmed in person. Jillian  wanted to make these videos accessible to more families, but they are expensive to produce. During the Pandemic, older people learned to use Zoom to stay in touch with their families, and Jillian saw an opportunity. Ezra Productions began filming seniors all over the world in the comfort of their own homes via Zoom at a much more affordable price.

As a woman-owned company, we are committed to working with women, and minorities. We scour the country for the most  personable and professional interviewers who listen and communicate with empathy and kindness.


Frequently Asked Questions

What topics do you cover in the legacy interview?

We cover an extensive array of topics in the interview, depending on the package that you and your family decide on. Topics may include:

  • Family heritage
  • Childhood memories
  • School days
  • Work life
  • Love and relationships
  • Marriage and partnerships
  • Being a parent
  • Raising children
  • Historical events
  • Religion
  • Life now and looking forward
  • Most cherished memories
  • The best and the worst
How many topics can you cover per hour?

We can cover about four topics per hour.

What length of video do you recommend?

We recommend a minimum of two hours to get a fully rounded picture of your family member’s personal history as well as some insights into your family history. For a more comprehensive interview, then we recommend three hours.

How long will my finished video be?

Your video will be approximately 50 minutes long per hour of filming.

During the editing process, we remove the interviewer’s questions and replace them with titles. So for a one-hour video, the finished video will be approximately 50 minutes long, a two-hour video will be approximately 100 minutes long, and a three-hour video will be approximately 150 minutes long.

If I choose the 3-hour interview, could I divide the interviews over 3 days?

Yes.  We can also interview up to three separate people – one for each hour.

What does editing consist of?

First, we edit out the professional interviewer’s questions so that the focus stays on your family member.  We then add an opening Title Card as well as any other Title Cards that the video requires for context.

Can I add music?

Many families prefer to hear their loved one’s story without music. However, we can add licensed music as part of an add-on service during the titles of the video. 

What is the interview experience like?

Our interviewers are experienced and highly skilled listeners who help your family member feel like they’re talking to a friend, or to another family member. They genuinely care about family histories and legacies and will elicit details  from the interview subject that future generations will want to hear. 

For your family member, the interview experience is relaxed and enjoyable. It’s a time of  positive connection, which increases their levels of happiness and satisfaction. When older people have an interested listener talk to them about their stories, it makes them feel loved and valued. This may be especially beneficial in our current climate, when they may feel isolated, alone, and separated from their loving family. 

In reviewing past relationships and events and our behaviors and reactions to them in a non-emotional state, we are able to approach our past with positivity and understanding, which brings wisdom and authenticity, and leads us closer to becoming whole.

Can I add photos or other pieces of media?

Yes, we provide that as an add-on service. 

Can we split up the time between multiple family members?

Sometimes. Refer to our individual packages for details.

Can I give you special instructions?

Yes, if you need to tell us something about your family member, you’ll have the opportunity to do so when placing your order. Sometimes a family member would rather not talk about a certain period of time in their lives, and we’d love that information in advance.  

Who schedules the time with my loved one?

We do. 

Who conducts the interview?

 Our interviews are either conducted by Jillian Ezra, our founder, or by a member of our storytelling and filmmaking staff. 


How do I share the legacy video with my family members?

You will receive an emailed download link that you can share with friends and family or post to your public or private Vimeo or YouTube accounts.

How long does it take to get video after interview?

Approximately 2 weeks.

What if I want to include other family members in the videos?

If other family members want to contribute a message (such as a story about how the interviewee impacted their life, or even just a “Happy Birthday,” or “We love you!”), we provide that as an add-on service. We can interview each family member about the interviewee in 15-minute add-on segments.

Can you ship me a DVD or a thumb drive containing the video?

As of now, we are only offering digital downloads. We plan to offer physical products in the future. Subscribe to our newsletter to get alerted when that time comes.

Can I be the subject of my own Family Legacy Video?

Of course! Although we most often create Family Legacy Videos that focus on the members of older generations, family members of all ages have stories to tell. You can create a Legacy video for your kids about their births and early childhood, or about your own personal history. You decide whose stories you want to preserve and pass on so that everyone in your family benefits.

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